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We have a list of potential leads. We'd like to target them somehow and get them to opt-in to start a relationship with us. This could be through email, sending them something physical, or connect with them on a social network. Has anyone started this way (e.g. outbound) and successfully increased their client base? FYI, we're in the construction industry.

  • MC

    Marco Cardillo

    about 2 years ago #

    It looks like you work in a B2B business.
    So your leads have often similar pains/problems/goals, etc.

    A good idea would be to send them something like a lead magnet: it could be a book, an infographic, a survey, etc. Something that raises their interest, without promoting your product. In other words: something focused on them and their pains/problems/goals, instead of something focused on you and your solution.

    Even if they don't know your company, they will probably be interested in your lead magnet. Afterward they become your leads and you can continue to nurture them through other content...

  • JQ

    Jason Quey

    about 2 years ago #

    My favorite is with surveys:
    1. Create an industry-focused survey.
    2. Reach out to everyone on list.
    3. Publish article + results.
    4. Promote the bejeepers outta it.

    Here's an example of one I helped do the outreach for - https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/blogging-statistics/

    Last I checked, there were over 1,100 shares, 300 links, and ranks for "blogging statistics," which gets 1,000 searches/month.

  • KW

    Katie W

    about 2 years ago #

    You could email these leads to get them to opt-in. Your email could be TOFU or BOFU focused; either sending them a relevant content offer to getting straight to the point with a sign up.

    I would be sure to use an email sending software that allows sending to cold contacts (non-opted-in) or you could end up tarnishing your corporate domain or IP; not to mention get blocked or banned from your ESP.

    Another way you could utilize this list is through social media. Upload the list to LinkedIn, Facebook etc., and target them with a piece of content.

    Good luck!