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Does anyone have experience selling CRO services as a free lancer (outside of using tools like Upworker and Freelancer) when I worked for an agency they'd always package those services with a Paid Search or SEO program but I'm having difficulty selling those services. So I have two questions I'd love for you to answer.

1.) How do you go about selling CRO Services? What is your pitch or selling point?

2.)What audiences are you targeting? (Small Business / Large Orgs etc.)

Thanks in advance guys!

  • DS

    Deepan Siddhu

    10 months ago #

    Best way to sell is to showcase what you've done. I've been working with a digital advertising agency from the last 6 years, where I've introduced CRO & performance marketing as a service. Clients really don't want to know what we've to say and more interested in what we've done for others & how. I would suggest, you get to the point/approach you have and get to case studies. Case studies can be structured this way - Problem statement, Approach/Solution, Results

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