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I am a growth hacker for a B2B SaaS. We rank very well on Google for the US for relevant keywords. I want to expand our search ranking to NZ, Singapore, Australia, UK, and Canada. Basically English speaking countries. Wondering if there are any specific ways to improve particular countries. How do you scale your SEO to many countries? (We are already translating our website to few other languages, I am concerned about English speaking countries)

  • MS

    Mansoor Shaikh

    6 months ago #

    Below tips will help you ranking in specific country:

    1. Get quality backlinks from the respective TLD's
    2. Local citation also would help getting ranking.
    3. Check competitors and build on their backlinks


  • NH

    Nihal Hassan

    7 months ago #

    These are my suggestions:
    1) Make sure that you are on a .com domain and check if your GSC is set for global traffic.
    2) Get referrals from local startups websites, partner with industry experts.
    3) Research local competitors - the keywords variations and backlinks.
    4) If necessary, have landing pages for every country.

  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    7 months ago #

    Set up your major search terms in Zapier – “anyone who mentions (keyword) in (location radius)” will trigger a tweet bot and send them something (e.g., a coupon or discount.).

  • SS

    shyam sundar

    6 months ago #

    Here are my suggestions:

    Step 1: Have the country specific domain
    Step 2: Implement hreflang tags - Ex: If your domain is xyz.com

    Check here for more details - https://moz.com/learn/seo/hreflang-tag

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any doubts.

  • GK

    gopika krishnan

    6 months ago #

    1. Collect good quality links from respective country based website.
    2. Do listing in classified sites, forums, blogs, press release websites and other sites popular in the respective country.
    3. First, try to rank the website locally then target the entire country.
    4. Think that your domain is.com domain.

  • RW

    Rank Watch

    5 months ago #

    To get your website ranked in a particular country, You need to follow these necessary steps which will help you generate visibility and notify search engines of your business' location:

    1. Google My Business
    Begin by registering your business on Google My Business. You will be required to put in details like name, location, working hours, services, contact no., etc.. Doing so can help the audience locate your business. Furthermore, according to the searcher's geolocation, your business will get ranked on the SERPs.

    2. Online Directories
    Just like Google My Business, there are other online directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.. you can register yourselves in those directories and boost your efforts in generating top SERP rankings.

    Note: Provide similar information about your business in every online directory including name, location, etc..

    3. Create Localised Content Pieces & On-Page Optimisation
    When you create content that caters to the local audience, your chances of getting better SERP rankings increase. Doing this is helpful but not that efficient. To produce valuable results, you should start doing on-page optimisation.

    You need to shortlist the local keywords and use them and the locality's (country) name in the Meta Description and Meta Tags which are a crucial part of on-page optimisation.

    These are three of the most significant things that you should follow to generate rankings in a country's SERPs.

    I hope this was helpful to you!

  • AS

    Aradya S

    4 months ago #

    Even I am on the same track, Thanks for the question, the answers are really relevant to me.

  • IB

    Ivan Burban

    4 months ago #

    Google My business and local referrals work very well! Maybe you should use crowd marketing on local blogs, city sites, etc.

  • JB

    Janela Barmer

    3 months ago #

    Here are some points to follow.

    1. Buy a country specific domain, but if you think in future your clients will be from all over the world then buy .com. For domain names you can use https://domainglo.com

    2. Use Google My business page

    3. Submit your website in relevant local directories.

    4. Unique content. Write unique content and share it on social media.

  • PG

    Pravin Gupta

    3 months ago #

    Here is some tips will help you sites ranking in specific GEPO Location:

    1. Get quality backlinks
    2. Local citation as per Location wise and add Location also would help getting ranking. such as "SEO Training in India" or "SEO Training Courses NYC"
    3. Check competitors for backlinks
    4. Create a domain as per Geo location directory domain.com/in and domain.com/us etc and add location based title tag and description
    5: used href lang tag
    6: post as per target audience based Content and information with links

  • DV

    Drake Vala

    3 months ago #

    Create Quality Links From The Particular TLD's

  • MK

    Manchun Kumar

    3 months ago #

    you can easily rank your website in particular countries, you should follow some guideline which is mention below:

    1. you should buy top level domain according to country
    2. you should buy hosting according to Country
    3. you should publish content according to county local or national language
    4. you should setup country in Search engine webmaster. such as Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster

    Point 4 is very important for any website to promote any particular country.

  • RB


    about 1 month ago #

    If you target specific countries then you mainly write the article targeting that countries. Select keywords targeting that countries, it is really important. Google Keyword Planner offers you find keywords targeting any specific country.

    The fact, if you rank in Google then you will get traffic from all countries.

    If you want to get traffic from the particular country then you need to submit your post in local search engines, directories, bookmarking sites such as Reddit is best for the US traffic, classified sites, local social networks groups & communities, do blog commenting in local relevant blogs and more.

  • KH

    Katie Hanna

    28 days ago #

    Make sure to be including the country in your tags. Also, it might help if you use a translation plugin to produce your article in the native language of that country so that search engines crawling for that language pick it up. Also, if there is a search engine specific to that country, you could look for the opportunity to submit your site for indexing by that search engine.

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