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There’s this thing about vacations - we all know they’re coming, but we’re still surprised when they’re finally here. What are your thoughts on this topic? While creating our last RightHello’s newsletter we’ve noticed that it is a big problem, not only in our industry. Do you have any tips that will help avoid drop in sales?

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    12 months ago #

    Instead of asking, "How do you avoid a drop in sales," maybe you should look at it as "How do you maintain low acquisition costs?"

    You can't force people to not go on vacations and you can't force those vacation-goers to be on their cell phones or laptops. However, we can make the assumption that majority of these vacationers will check their email or social networks on their mobile device. Paid advertising on mobile devices is generally less expensive than desktop targeting and can drive significant results as long on the sales funnel is mobile friendly (e.g. short sales funnel, two-field contact forms, etc.). Also, there is less demand for advertising during the summer so average bids will be less expensive than they usually are. (Note: CPCs might be lower, but COCAs can be more expensive than average.)

    If you create a sales funnel that is compatible to the vacationer's timeline you could maintain similar sales numbers due to lower advertising costs. You cannot expect a vacationer to hop on a demo/sales call while at the beach, but you can create a marketing campaign that generates a lead for a demo in the near future. For example, instead of trying to get someone to schedule a call right on the spot, experiment with a sales funnel that only asks for their email address so you can send them more information once they return from their vacation. If your call-to-action is "Request a demo" it might discourage lead generation since someone might feel that they had to interrupt their vacation to attend the demo.

    Good luck!

  • MC

    Marco Cardillo

    11 months ago #

    We're trying with a classical 3X1 months promotion. So, also if you are on vacation 2-3 weeks, these weeks are basically not payed.

    Also, we are trying to convince our potential customers that summer is the best period to adopt our software, because they have more time to set up everything, receive our trainings, etc.

    The idea is: start now with a small investement, learn how to take the maximum from the software and from September your company will be ready to race ;)

  • JB

    John Barré

    11 months ago #

    I work in a B2B industry (marketing attribution - https://www.adtriba.com/) and we try to use the summer's low tide to work on leads that require follow-up. Any conversation, questions, unresolved issues - now is the time to get down to it and tackle as many of them in order to start with a clean slate in September.
    Because the summer time is usually more relaxed, it's a good opportunity to rekindle a potential lead that was dying out. You take the time to listen, you are more flexible. Your leads may have more time too, having fewer meetings, and they might take the time to read through your offers and their benefits.

    Prior to that, I was working for a B2C language portal (bab.la). We'd put on hold all marketing activities, depending on the regions (Southern Europe: July-August, Scandinavia: June-July.) We would use that time to collect new leads (ie for link building) but most of that time was used to create content. Even though we would not publish it all at once, it allowed us to create qualitative content for the early months of fall.

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