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Hi, In my new job I have manually crawl a lot of websites looking for their respective webmaster for partnership proposals. I'm pretty sure there would be a ton of tools I'm not aware of to speed up my process and are here requesting the hivemind for help! 🙏 Here's my workflow so far:

1. Find a website in the niche of my company, with Alexa Similar Site or just any search engine.

2. Check if said website is not already in our database. I use Diigo.com extension for that, it allow to save a bookmark which will appear with a small ribbon if I come over the same website again.

3. Desperately look for the owner of the website in order to reach them (disclaimer: I work in the adult industry, owners obviously hide themselves), I use whois.domaintools.com a lot, even Historical Whois a lot, sometimes without any results to my dismay.

What would be great for each of those actions:

• Automatically receive a regular stream of new websites to prospect. I'm not sure if Google Alert would be enough for that, I just set up alert 2 days ago for weekly alert, I'll see.

• Find a better way to check which websites are already on my database WITHOUT having to launch them. ie. a small annotation on a search engine list would be great, a bit like the way links turn from blue to purple, but in a way that would be kept even after history/cache deletion.

• To find the best historical Whois tool ever.

Thank you very much for you help and recommendations!