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I'm building a product (http://httptoolkit.tech) for software developers.

It's early days, but I'm starting to look towards a first release, and thinking about how to market that. Anybody have any tips for reaching the software developer community?

Imo, we're fairly hard people to talk to - pretty tech savvy (so ads blocked everywhere), and many of the popular developer communities (reddit, dev.to, stackoverflow) explicitly discourage and punish self-promotion or posting lots of your own content.

I'm expecting content marketing to be an effective direction (I think I'd do well to write a series of 'How to debug X' articles, for example) but given the above I'm not really sure how to get the resulting content in front of the people who might be interested in it.

Anybody have any good ideas for getting the word out here? Anybody had any success marketing similar products themselves?

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    29 days ago #

    Hi, Tim!

    What I'd recommend is to leverage Google search data and find the top 5 to 10 most searched topics/questions that are related to your product and create content about said topics. When you are writing the content, make sure you are using terms and phrases that your target market would use when performing a Google search. Let us pretend that the following search query is related to your product: How to fix http issues. You'd want to use that search term and variations of that search term in your page title, on meta titles and descriptions, in headings, and within your content. Obviously, you do not want to overstuff the page/post with the same keyword over and over but you want to make sure that it is used in the right places.

    Once you have a few posts published, you can then link to that content on sites like Quora to get more traffic to your site.

    To summarize, think about what your target market would be searching for and write content about that.