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We are about to announce 7 new features to not only our existing users but also to the new users.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    4 months ago #
    • MK

      Muhammad Saad Khan

      4 months ago #

      Thanks Anuj. I loved it. But I am more looking towards marketing. How to take those features out to the existing and to the new audience. What mediums should I choose? The purpose of the campaign would be to reach more and more people.

      • AA

        Anuj Adhiya

        4 months ago #

        I would dispute the notion that with a new release your purpose is ONLY to reach more people. It is also to excite your existing base.

        Bottom line, there is no better marketing than your product itself, especially for existing users.

        By definition, if they are active existing users, they should see the notifications within the product as in the article- you don't necessarily need to market to them in any other way.
        Of course, you can send them emails with other educational content that supplements in-product notifications.

        For inactive existing users, you should have their email addresses - you can repurpose the notification(s) displayed inside the product as an email. Just A/B test headlines and copy.

        Then get creative about how you can incentivize your existing user base to spread the word for you on whatever channels work best for you currently (Google Analytics should tell you where most of your signups/users) are currently coming from). If you don't know what will get them excited enough to do this, survey your most active users for feedback and ideas.

  • TM

    Ty Magnin

    4 months ago #

    You HAVE to try in-app messaging. It gets your active users in the right place at the right time (in your product).

    It increases new feature adoption by 20% on average. Check out appcues.com for more. (yes i work there)

    • TO

      Tiago Otani

      4 months ago #

      In my company, the release of new features are usually the most succesfull email marketing campaigns. We usually write an article about it, link it through a CTA button, a short, objective message with an apeealing image and subject and also boost it via social media.
      All of that for leads, not customers, as for those we use the in-app messaging Ty mentioned above.

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