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I have an app "meet people in real life within an hour". As I learned that on most dating apps conversation starts and ends online. I want to enable people to skip that and actually meet in real life quickly and interact with each other in real life. Main problem i have here is giving people online tool to meet each other offline. I'm busting my head around how to present it to people because there is a map where you post your pin (saying: I'm available to hang out) and there is only 1h before your pin disappears. So basically it's very time and location limited.

  • NL

    Nick Lock

    almost 3 years ago #

    Sorry, can you clarify your question?

    Is it:
    How can I present an app that allows people to meet within an hour?

    I would just create a value prop like that and share with a lot people. Get their reaction. Test different versions until you find one that resonates with people.

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