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So, when any user comes in contact with our brand (i.e. signup for blog updates, chats with us on Drift, Signup for the Product, Requests a demo of the product, fills in the Contact Sales form, etc), they start getting emails (automated or Non-Automated) from different teams (Marketing, Sales, Product). My main purpose is to have a check and balance on the amount of emails users get so as to not bother them. How can I achieve this? Are there any tools for this? PS: Keeping in mind, different teams are using different tools for reaching out to these users (PersisIQ/Direct emails by Sales Team, Drip Campaign from SendGrid, marketing emails from MailChimp/Autopilot)

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    Pedro Marzagão

    10 days ago #

    You can integrate a CRM like Pipedrive or Hubspot with Zapier and then the other email systems you may use to send those emails. This way you can keep a record within the CRM itself.

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