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So, when any user comes in contact with our brand (i.e. signup for blog updates, chats with us on Drift, Signup for the Product, Requests a demo of the product, fills in the Contact Sales form, etc), they start getting emails (automated or Non-Automated) from different teams (Marketing, Sales, Product). My main purpose is to have a check and balance on the amount of emails users get so as to not bother them. How can I achieve this? Are there any tools for this? PS: Keeping in mind, different teams are using different tools for reaching out to these users (PersisIQ/Direct emails by Sales Team, Drip Campaign from SendGrid, marketing emails from MailChimp/Autopilot)

  • PM

    Pedro Marzagão

    over 2 years ago #

    You can integrate a CRM like Pipedrive or Hubspot with Zapier and then the other email systems you may use to send those emails. This way you can keep a record within the CRM itself.

  • EF

    Ed Fry

    over 2 years ago #

    Customer data flows in loops to and from profiles. You use profile data to trigger & send messages, then track the responses from that (email opened, email clicked etc.) back into a profile.

    You need to make sure all these profiles are integrated together, including a master suppression list to throttle everything. Make sure all your emails are tracked back too.

    We wrote about how to do this and flip the logic from "what email can I send?" to "what email should this person get today?". Check it out here: https://www.hull.io/blog/email-personalization/

  • LG

    Linda Grant

    over 2 years ago #

    Hi Arun,
    It sounds like you need a way to join up your data from a number of platforms and then analyze this complete set of customer data with a Business Intelligence tool so you can feedback to your team, for example on the total number of emails a group of customers has been sent from the company.
    With Vero (a similar tool to Autopilot - and a company that I work for) you can send email campaign data to segment.com or stitchdata.com, then you can ETL (extract, transform and load) this to your data warehouse (such as Amazon's Redshift, Google BigQuery) and then use a BI tool (like Mode Analytics or Looker) to query data from your data warehouse and build custom reports, like the number of emails a group of customers was sent. You should be able to use this model to send data from a number of platforms and store it centrally in your data warehouse so it's available for you as a complete data set for your analysis. I'm not sure what your current stack is so I appreciate this might be a big step/change.

    You might find this diagram and information useful: https://www.getvero.com/reporting/#reports-webhooks

    You can also take this a step further by using the insights to build segments or send events back to your email tools so that you can create new segments and triggers for your email campaigns, for example, you might want to exclude a group of customers from a less relevant/high performing email campaign in one system, so that your customers don't suffer email fatigue.

    Hope this is helpful. There are lots of other useful resources available on this topic so let me know if you'd like me to post some.
    Just so you know www.getvero.com can look after all newsletter, behavioral and transactional email campaign types if you were looking for one platform for your teams to use.