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We have a software product for gamers for lag reduction. Its selling great. Extremely good numbers with a great audience/users, all gamers.

Now, we are thinking to integrate an eCommerce store to the software product so people can also buy their favorite game's merchandise, accessories, gears etc.

How to integrate a store to a software product effectively? What are some examples to follow?

  • NJ

    Nick Julia

    over 3 years ago #

    Can you give a little more info about your software product?
    Is it sass product? Or a one time download etc...

  • ED

    Eugine Dychko

    4 months ago #

    I encountered a similar situation and thought that I would find the answer in the comments to your question. But I didn’t. Could you please share your success story and give some insights on how to manage the integration of SaaS products and eCommerce? I looked through your software site and your online store, both look good, you did a great job!

    I noticed that you offer your site visitors to spin the wheel to get a discount. Also, I saw that you offer a referral program. It seems to be a winning strategy for such an audience as gamers. However, according to the conditions, only your advocates are getting rewards but not their friends. Do you have such a strategy to get more emails? For my store, I picked up a Talkable Referrals app https://apps.shopify.com/talkable-lite with the main goal - to drive more sales first thing and I think it’s far more effective. Oh, and what especially pleased is that Talkable is a free Shopify app (a little tip 😉).

    Why don’t you consider changing your referral program conditions to reward both and drive more sales this way?
    I’d be happy to get more details and advice from you.

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