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Holler to all "been-there-done-that" PR folks, We are a SaaS company based out of Mumbai. We have done decently well since our inception 5 years ago and currently catering to some of the established names around the globe like Flipkart, Avaya, Sendgrid etc. To give you an estimate of our size- our projected annualized revenue for this financial year is $10 million. Now, although we are reasonably well known in our home country's press and bloggers community, sadly we have not been able to achieve even 10% of that success in the foreign media (we have a good number of foreign clients though). And now we want to break that because, in the past one year, we have enormously scaled our product and want to be at least vaguely-known-name to our prospects in foreign land. I want to get an idea on where and how to start? How to get foreign media and blogs recognize you? Will be happy to divulge more details on request. 

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    over 3 years ago #

    What is a similar sized company that is getting the type of press that you want to get? Why do you think they are getting that press? I ask these questions to try to see if PR is even something you should be focused on.

  • AH

    Abdul Hafez

    over 3 years ago #

    Highly recommend trying https://justreachout.io/ I tried them when working for SaaS based startup, founder is @dmitryd and genuinely a great person/help.