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I'm Head of Growth of a pre-Series A health tech startup. In the last year, we've gained our first 10k subscribers for our core part of the business. We've got strong activation and retention (though always room for improvement).

At present, we've achieved almost all the growth through Facebook and Adwords. We're not an inherently viral product (no classic network effects), and are growing steadily at about 20% MOM.

Now we're wondering how we can get from 10k customers to 100k - and quicker than our 20% MOM rate. We're looking at bigger brand plays (PR stunts, TV, OOH advertising, radio, podcasts etc), but at the moment thinking is very tactical - test each of those and see effect.

Keen to hear thoughts on this point between the 10k and 100k mark for active subscribers. For reference, our subs product is ~ £50 a quarter to give an idea of spend potential.

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