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I've been working on a content distribution & social media Ad optimized SAAS platform, I knew it might have potential because I tested a new approach in facebook Ads which has seen success for two of my early adopters. (Portea.com and getgrowfit.com)

Portea got- 15k to 550k traffic in two months: https://i.imgsafe.org/7eec58f5a0.jpg

Getgrowfit got- 60k to 350k in one month: https://i.imgsafe.org/7eee4d42d2.jpg

I've finally reached the stage where we have a working MVP. However I need 20 more early adopters (Before releasing MVP officially) who are ready to spend on my new optimized content distribution approach and can spend minimum 1500$ on Ad campaigns.

I believe these 20 early adopters can make this SAAS as robust Will I get any early adopters from growthhackers.com community?

Interested people, I am happy to answer your questions.