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Hey guys! Would love to hear your thoughts! We have around 10K users who visit our website daily, use our products and active in discussions within the "community-chat" feature we have on our site. We would like to treat those users like a community. Give them a feeling that we know about them and appreciate their daily use of our product. But, we don't want to take their discussions out of our website - we want to build a kind of "Program for empowering users" without opening a dedicated FB group or using a community management tool.

Here are a few ideas I already have in mind;

- Contact them by email, send them merch, thank them privately.

- Later, we can get them involved in product decisions, get them to test new features and give us feedback.

We can create an LP for them to sign up for a “beta tester/gold user” program where they’ll get access to features before everyone else.

Do you have any other creative ideas? How can we further empower our top users within our website?


  • TC

    Tad Chef

    almost 3 years ago #

    There are many onsite ways to encourage community participation. A common one is to allow people to create a profile on your site.

    You can also assign badges to active or valuable users. A bit of gamification with a most active, trusted, longest standing user list helps facilitate that.

    Having a dedicated community manager who responds to users, gives feedback and offers help when needed is also a good idea.

    Last but not least including the best contributions in the actual editorial site content is a huge benefit for community members.

  • MA

    Mikael Araújo

    over 1 year ago #

    Share content (Videos, blog posts, etc) that help the users to use your products/services in the best way. How can they cheap money using your product? How can they improve their status? How can they help other people, etc.