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It would be difficult to have the user announce to the world via Twitter/Facebook... that they are using this app. Ex: Financial apps people prefer not to share

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    3 months ago #

    This sounds like an Ashley Madison sort of business.

    In my opinion, you can't have the referral invite strategy and retain complete anonymity at the same time. However, given that privacy is key, you can push the importance of trust and reputation as key factors of joining your site. You should have new/existing members understand how important those are and they will only refer people who are the utmost trusted. If anyone abuses the website you can have them suspended (I don't know how you control this). You could also limit users to one referral per month so the users they do invite are the most valuable and most likely to join.

    I would look at this issue like joining a private or secret club. These organizations need members to survive so they are always recruiting, but they only invite prospective members who they trust. I would use a similar strategy when looking to grow your userbase.

    I hope that helps!

    • GC

      Gary-Yau Chan

      3 months ago #

      Thanks Justin.

      Lol not Ashley Madison.

      At an event I attended, a fairly famous NYC Financial apps (cannot recall which one), said their NPS does NOT work. Not because folks hate their app, because users who are relatively wealthy do not want to invite their friends, and have some viewing each other's investment portfolio concept. So referral-invite do not seem to work well in this use-case.

      Medical is another example where anonymity and privacy are important. But these users still want to let their friends know about this health app. Like I don't want to share this diabetes app, and tell the world that I have diabetes... but I can tell my close friends about it. And if I just met another stranger who also has diabetes, I am happy to let them know.

      I love your suggestion on "importance of trust and reputation". I will dig more into this during user interviews.

  • VS

    Vivek Shenoy

    3 months ago #

    You could generate codes? As an example - I am a user of the site, and want to refer someone. The system can create a small code that is unique to me, which I can then share with someone else. For the referrer, the code will seem randomly generated.

    This way, there won't be any personal information that is associated with the referral codes/links.

    Hope this helps!


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