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I want to configure my WordPress posting SEO using Yoast SEO plugin. My site for reference postings www.digitalmarketingpromotions.com

  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    6 days ago #

    Here are the most important ones:
    - Noindex your media, tag pages, archive pages.
    - Disable author archive pages
    - 100% enable XML sitemap functionality.
    - Enable breadcrumbs.
    - Enable stripping the /category/ from the URL.

    • NU

      Nitin Upparpelli

      6 days ago #

      Hey Kevin why we need to no index the images, tag pages, and archive pages.. currently I have not added any urls to no index.. I will add it now but can you please tell me the reason for no indexing ..


      • KI

        Kevin Indig

        5 days ago #

        Hey Nitin, those pages usually don't carry much value, unless they're specifically maintained, meaning they get unique content.

    • IM

      Ilia Markov

      4 days ago #

      Great stuff! I would add:

      Make sure your posts and pages have unique (SEO) titles that are different from the on-page titles.

      Also, make sure they also have unique meta descriptions that are attractive and would make searchers want to click when they see your page in SERPs

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