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Hi All, This is my first client as one of the growing ecommerce site online (Magento Backend). We have Google Analytics and Tag Manager in place. Also, we have activated eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. Recently, we started a campaign for them using Google Ads, EDMs, and Facebook Ads. This generated a good amount of site traffic and sales orders. But, we are not able to analyse which channel resulted in the highest conversion from the traffic send. Please help me to understand how to find the exact traffic resulted in higher conversions. is their a tool for this?

  • TM

    Tomi Mester

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Sam,

    it should be in Google Analytics >> Reporting >> Acquisition >> All Traffic >> Source/Medium.

    If you set up the Goal correctly, you will see the an E-commerce Conversion Rate in the 7th column broken down by channels. If you see here 0% for every channel, then something's wrong with your setup!

    Hope this helps! :-)


  • DM

    Dennis Moons

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Sam,
    You'll find the info you'll need in the report Tomi mentioned.

    In order to identify each of the channels in Analytics, you'll need a couple of things in place:
    - Send the transaction data back to Analytics from Magento
    - Adwords auto-tagging enabled & linked with Analytics
    - Tag all URLs you use in email campaigns or Facebook with UTM parameters
    - Make sure you are not getting referrals (with sales) from your payment providers or your own domain (use the referral exclusion list for that)

    If you're missing one or more, the visitor numbers & sales of others channels (like referral & direct traffic will be inflated.