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To keep things constant I report on my blog analytics (views, bounce rate, CTR, etc) one month after they are published. What's your strategy?

  • JD

    Janak Dhokia

    about 1 year ago #

    Not as often as I should! My personal approach with blogs is that it's the best content source for a social strategy - allowing you to consistently re purpose and share on all platforms. Not to mention social shares/engagement have great SEO benefits and help massively in increasing trust score of a website.

  • DP

    Deepak Pal

    5 months ago #

    Its completely depends on the frequency of posting a blog and number of visits you are getting. In my opinion you should do it in every 15 days. Check which blog is having maximum engagement and how much time people are spending on those posts. It will help you to plan the future posts.

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