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I have been trying to connect with various people on LinkedIn related to my niches but could not find the right audience. How long does it take for this hack?

  • AW

    Amy Wilson

    4 months ago #

    For me, it took a month or something like that. It depends on what audience and in what way you are trying to get.

  • TS

    Turkuvaz Soft

    4 months ago #

    thanks for suggestions

  • ST

    Sanover Tasneem

    4 months ago #

    By far, what I have analyzed is the key to get enough traffic and connection over social media is engagement. The more you engage with the audience, post fresh content about your niche, reply comments, like/share the related posts and try engaging one on one with the influential people will help you grow little by little.
    On a social platform like Linked In, engagement in the terms of business skills, management skills, and Digital marketing things helps to build considerable traffic around your profile.
    Try these, I am sure it will help.
    Thank You.

    • TK

      Tanya Kanojia

      4 months ago #

      Hello Sanover,
      Your suggestions are really great. I would be implementing them from now. Thank you!