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Not many companies do it. But it has been something I've wondered about for a long time. Do you do double opt-ins? Why/why not?

  • DE

    Danni Eickenhorst

    12 months ago #

    IMHO, the level of your email list's voluntary interest will fully inform your campaign's success. I developed and helped execute a largescale campaign for a client that should have been a homerun. She was a newer client, and in the onboarding, I hadn't asked her for great detail o how she'd gathered her substantial list. The 5,000+ emails she had were apparently downloaded from her LinkedIn contacts and otherwise just stolen off websites in prospecting. The campaign was my one and only major flop and it still stings to this day. I've seen other marketing strategists make the same mistake.

  • HK

    Hugh Kimura

    12 months ago #

    It depends on your goals.

    If you want to build a list fast and favor quantity over quality, then don't double opt-in. Examples would be a product launch list or a general newsletter on your blog. You want to remove any friction points.

    If you care about the quality of the people on your list, then use a double opt-in. If you are giving a free trial to a SaaS product or a specific free giveaway, make sure you get them to confirm before you send them the goods. This will increase the quality of your list and will usually increase open rates. Remember that the email services track the open rate and spam complaints of your emails. So all else being equal, double opt-in.

    I use both, depending on the situation.

  • FS

    Freyja Spaven

    12 months ago #

    1000 true fans tbh

    Everyone wants this massive email list because email is one of the highest converting channels...

    ...but thats assuming that the people on your list:

    Want to be there
    Gave their real email
    Care about what you're selling
    Are responsive and actually open your email

    Most people forget these things and just want 'to build a large email list'

    And most will do that by ignoring all the other factors I just pointed out

    You can easily build a 6 figure plus business with only 1000 people on a list IF and ONLY if they meet that criteria

    People forget that you pay for the volume of people on your list, by your service provider
    Why pay for people that dont open, click, or even gave you a real email?

    By using double optins you do create friction to optin
    Thats true
    Some people dont even go across to their email and even open the leadmagnet that they opted in for

    We once had 3000+ optin for a leadmagnet and around 200 even open the thing
    People are excited for the optin and assume they will get to it later
    We're all pretty crazy like that

    With a double optin you may get far less people confirming their email
    but the ones that do are far more likely to actually open the email and want what you have

    Now assuming you dont have double optin and you want to sell

    One of the biggest factors in email marketing is deliverability
    If you have a huge list and only a small segment opens it, it can raise your spam and lower deliverability

    This sucks because it means some email providers on the clients end, may start to send all of your future emails to their spam folder
    Even to people who previously want your content

    All those bounces and unopens add up, you pay for them every month to your provider AND now they're stopping people who actually want your emails from receiving it...

    You WILL grow a list slower with double optins
    But you will get far better open rates and sales from that list

    Quality not quantity

    Remember that one of the best ways to grow a business is not just more traffic, but repeat sales and higher average sales
    Higher quality leads will result in repeat sales and higher revenue than just traffic alone
    But you cant do that if noone opens your emails...

  • CT

    Corey Trojanowski

    12 months ago #

    When people sign-up on your website for your newsletter, ask them to verify their subscription by sending a follow-up email with a link they must click to activate their subscription.

    This double opt-in process ensures that all of the email addresses you collect are valid – if someone incorrectly types their email address, they’ll never receive the opt-in message, and you won’t be sending an email to the wrong person.

  • ST

    Stanley Tan

    12 months ago #

    Important if you don't clean your list. Not so important if you do.

    Your open rates, CTR, bounce rate, etc. will affect your email delivery to your contacts.

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