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  • JJ

    Jules john

    8 months ago #

    Visitor who visit the eCommerce site might add an item to the cart and leave the page without completing the purchase. E-Commerce site are in need of a solution to overcome this kind of sales loss.

    DMP provides the solution to this problem with personalized remarketing. DMP builds audience by collecting the first-party data from the site visitors,collects their behavior, interest and integrating it with the Third-party data and Offline data. This collected vistor data can help in retargeting the specific audience. E-Commerce store with first party data from DMP can do the content personalization for every registered users so that they are shown with set of product suited to their interests based on their purchase pattern and browsing history. DMP with the Third-party data integrated , can retarget the right user and remarket the abandoned products.Showing the personalized content and retargeting the user creates a huge opportunity to get the users converted easily and boost up the sales.

    For your reference-----> www.dmpmanager.com