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How do you use SMS campaigns to interact with leads / clients?  Have you ever used SMS campaigns like a channel for user re-activation? 

  • AD

    Alex D

    about 4 years ago #

    Hi Andrei,

    I've been dealing with a lot of enquiries about SMS as an acquisition channel lately, so I hope I can shed some light on this for you.

    A little while ago, Google AdWords released a new feature called click-to-message. This feature allows advertisers to offer a simple button that appears below their ads. When a potential customer clicks that button, it sends them an SMS with basic info on the offering - allowing the advertiser to get in touch with the customer and interact via SMS.

    I wrote a short article introducing this feature on Venturebeat, here: https://www.venturebeat.com/2016/11/19/googles-click-to-message-introduces-mobile-messaging-to-businesses

    As a result of that feature, a lot of PPC agencies have started using the mobile messaging platform we've built to handle exactly that: automated mobile message interactions.

    The main way they do it is by integrating SMS as a channel and setting up:

    1. An autoresponder - this fires up instantly and lets the new potential customer know they are taken care of.
    2. Simple automated messaging campaigns - this is flow and action based. It allows the advertiser to nurture the lead for long enough, until they either have enough information about the enquiry or have had the time to reach them on the phone.

    As an example, the interaction with a Jeweller would go as such:

    Customer (C): clicks on SMS ad from Google, sends an SMS to the advertiser asking for more info
    Advertiser (A): autoresponder instantly fires off "Hi [Name], thank you for reaching out. Would you like to know more about rings or necklaces?"
    C: Rings
    A: Great! Are you looking for an engagement ring?
    C: Yes
    A: Perfect. John, our engagement ring specialist, will give you a quick call in 30min. Chat soon!
    C: Thank you

    This interaction can be entirely automated (based on flow messaging campaigns and maybe a tiny bit of AI).

    If you have any Qs, happy to answer.

    Think you might enjoy this article I wrote as well, in which I explain how to set this all up step by step. https://www.ubisend.com/blog/adwords-click-to-message-guide


    • JK

      Justin Kearns

      about 4 years ago #

      Hi Alex, I really like the user case you described. I'm interested in how it would work for our customers. Here's a jeweller user case with our product https://vimeo.com/194662783

    • AB

      Andrei Baklinau

      about 4 years ago #

      Alex, thanks for your detailed reply.

      But it's not the case that I'm asking about)
      I'm trying to implement SMS campaigns in order to engage and re-activate leads and clients, but not to acquire them from PPC campaigns

      • AD

        Alex D

        about 4 years ago #

        I see.

        In this case, any mobile messaging tips apply. The good thing (or, arguably, bad thing) about SMS is that you can interact with your subscribers at any time. Mobile messaging through messaging apps is not like that - it requires a more obvious optin via the app.

        The best way to re-engage your leads via SMS is to build separate targeted lists.

        I would crawl the data you currently have on your customers (name, location, recent purchase, recent download, anything you have along with their phone number) and arrange it into a few highly targeted lists.

        Then, using a messaging platform, import these lists separately and build a single messaging campaign for each of them. The messaging campaign could, for instance, educate the members of your "engagement ring" list about the different aspects of a ring, what to look for, what makes it expensive, what makes a ring special, how to pick the right ring for their partner, and so on.

        This campaign would run over the span of a few weeks with one or two messages a week.

        Here is an article with about 16 tips on how to use SMS marketing, maybe this could get your juices flowing! https://www.ubisend.com/blog/sms-marketing-small-business

  • VB

    Vytautas Basys

    about 4 years ago #

    It all depends on the situation and what I want to achieve with my message. I always try not only keep in touch with my clients but also interact through the message. For example, I like to send a CTA which smoothly interacts with a client, making him wanting to make an answer (two-way communication). In your case, SMS is much faster and direct way to re-engage leads by just simply asking how they are (no sales pitch) simple two-way communication to start the interaction going. For active customers and leads, I enjoy sending promo codes which will provide the client with a discount or with a free pass to an event.

    • AB

      Andrei Baklinau

      about 4 years ago #

      It's cool idea to promote promo codes via SMS.
      I will think how can I use it in my autoconversion and autoretention campaigns with leads and clients)
      Thanks a lot of for your reply!

    • AB

      Andrei Baklinau

      about 4 years ago #

      Vytautas, Hi!

      Thanks for reply!

      But we are using Mixpanel as a software to send event-based notifications and there is no any options to start two-way communication. There is only one-way communication.

      Which software do you use for two-way communication with users via SMS?

  • BM

    Brian mikes

    about 4 years ago #

    Hi Andrei,
    Great question about SMS... the company I work for (betwext.com) provides SMS services for small businesses. So I've got thousands and thousands of examples on how other businesses use SMS.

    There are ton's of ways to use SMS to connect with prospects, customers, VIPs... basically anyone.... too many to list... but let me give you a few ideas.

    The first thing I'd say is look at SMS marketing like email marketing (only hyper-responsive).

    A lot of our clients use lead magnets to gather customer contact information. They add the prospect to a SMS list, and send a welcome text, followed by an auto responder sequence. Then the prospect receives regular messages about you / your content / your products... etc... (just like email... but over SMS)

    Since SMS messages are short and sweet, putting this together doesn't take long.

    The second thing I'd suggest is looking at SMS as a focused way to engage customers. For example our email list gets a 15%-18% open rate (not bad, but a lot of the list never see our messages). Two weeks ago I sent a SMS message to our texting list and had a 30% RESPONSE rate.

    I ended up individually messaging each person who responded... yes it took time, but these turned out to be some of the best qualified prospects!

    The third thing I'd suggest is to use SMS as another touch point with customers and prospects.

    I'd never say focus on SMS exclusively... we're an SMS comapny, and we still reach our customers through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and direct mail. So keep doing what you're doing and add SMS to the mix.

    Fourth, your question asks about using SMS for re-activation... It's a great idea, but if you haven't been texting your clients already, many will see the random message as intrusive... so be prepared for blow-back.

    One thing you might try is offering something special to your prospects that they can't get elsewhere. We offered a 1 on 1 consultation to people on our SMS list and the response was through the roof. I know other businesses who have sent links to videos and that pumped up their engagement rate too...

    If you're looking for specific "offers" to get prospects to reengage, it really depends on your end product or service. I know of some businesses who will send a link to a coupon... and that sparks engagement.

    I looked at your profile and noticed you are part of Forex Club. I'm assuming is a FX trading system or newsletter??? Anyway, you might push re-engagement with SMS by simply sending out a FX news alert or Special Trade alert. Include a link in the SMS back to your article, site, or special offer... or wherever you want people to re-engage.

    Of course it goes without saying, make sure you get permission to text people before sending... send at times when people are most responsive... and always respect people who want off your list.

    If you have more questions, or I can help in other ways, just let me know.

    If you're looking for more information on SMS marketing or how other businesses are using SMS messaging, you can check out the case studies we post on our blog: https://www.betwext.com/blog/

    • AB

      Andrei Baklinau

      about 4 years ago #

      Hello Brian!

      Big thanks for such detailed reply! It's really awesome.

      Especially I like this piece:

      "Fourth, your question asks about using SMS for re-activation... It's a great idea, but if you haven't been texting your clients already, many will see the random message as intrusive... so be prepared for blow-back."

      It's true. I have tested some re-activation SMS campaigns that were sent after 30 days of inactivity. And yes, all of these users have never got SMS from us...That's why it was not so effective as I thought.

      "If you're looking for specific "offers" to get prospects to reengage, it really depends on your end product or service. I know of some businesses who will send a link to a coupon... and that sparks engagement."

      And this idea is also great. I was not able to test coupon codes in SMS, but I will certainly do it, because I think that it can work.

      As for my job. We provide trading platform "Libertex" for trading on web, mobile and tablet. Not just news)