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  • MU

    Mohd Umair

    14 days ago #


    Its important to note Browser Push is relatively new. So although it starts generating results from the word off, it still needs a lot of Fine tuning. We have been doing browser push for 2 years now.

    What i have analyzed,

    1) User Triggered Notifications - Using triggered based automated campaign, is the the most efficient way to make the most out of your Push.
    2) Use Personalization - I have seen 27-30% CTR on campaigns that are personalized to each user, based on their browsing behavior.
    3) Dont Abuse - Having Push ID doesnt mean you start doing 2-3 Push every day. You will have an insanely high Churn rate.
    4) Tell people why they should optin - Give a clear value proposition of why they should optin.

    These are some of the basic ways to make the best out of your Push Strategy.

    Feel free to add anything to it. Always on the lookout for ideas :)

    • MV

      Maja Voje

      12 days ago #

      Hey, great answer! May I ask what is the average opt in rate? I am thinking about trying them out in e-commerce. Where do you use it? Thanks a lot.

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