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Question: How do you strike the right balance between visual identity and conversion optimization for your e-commerce site?

Sub question: How do you incorporate elements of each page, such as copy, typography, product photography, and so on, while not compromising CRO at the same time?

Note: I'm writing an article and I would absolutely love to quote you, dependent on your quote and how/if it potentially fits into the article. Please provide your professional title and a link along with your answer if applicable.

  • BZ

    Bjoern Zinssmeister

    over 3 years ago #

    Nichole that is an interesting question and something I have seen organizations struggle with a lot. The creative/design department will obviously push for the best looking and functioning product, while the marketing/distribution side of the house is split between making things look good but also convert.

    To achieve the right balance between amazing visuals and CRO you should take a very detailed look at your flow and identify your main conversion steps. These key steps should have everything in the right place (button placement, etc.) to benefit your conversion. On the visual front you should stick to your style guide and not change fonts or button colors to something that wasn't defined. If you feel like the color for the primary CTA button isn't working for your conversion you should bring that up with the Design Department and have them re-visit the style guide.

    I also see some companies play with dark patterns to try and up their conversion numbers. This can be a terrible experience for users and generally should be used with care. For example we at Design Inc. prefer people posting remote jobs to our community, so we present that portion of the form at the bottom, checked off by default and grouped with a general location information (you can see this here: https://www.designinc.com/start)

    Another tip: try over-explaining the conversion goals early in the design process. Designers sometimes get told this needs to convert at x% much later in the process than is helpful.