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Hi everyone. My friend is currently a muay thai instructor and he has just started conducting muay thai classes, but he's planning to expand his presence on social media. I've researched about it and it doesn't seem like there are a lot of muay thai social media accounts out there. We're thinking to do it in a different way rather than the usual muay thai videos. So I'd like to ask if you guys have stumbled upon any interesting muay thai social media accounts and do you have suggestions on how to create an effective social media marketing plan for this niche? Would appreciate any suggestions if you have any. Many thanks!

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    almost 4 years ago #

    Hi, Joanne!

    I do not follow any social media accounts about Muay Thai, but I used to train at a gym and have done searches for things like "How to wrap hands for Muay Thai" and "How to perform a Superman Punch". My assumption is that the "usual Muay Thai videos" you mentioned are generic instructional videos like the ones I mentioned so you should have your friend think outside of the box for these videos. For example, he could do a series of videos on self-defense techniques derived from the Muay Thai fighting style. One video that comes to mind is the following one, which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu defense techniques for getting dragged off of a United Airline flight: https://youtu.be/ip66CIjhgYk (It is actually informational and funny).

    He also needs to think of this as a local business. The ideas mentioned above is good for a broad audience, but he should also focus on the local community so any photos or videos he creates should have some sort of local SEO component. Make sure the content has his name and/or location included in the title or descriptions.

    Lastly, people need credibility so it is important that he has information about himself and his credentials - any sort of awards or championship titles help build that credibility.

    Hope that helps!

  • JR

    Jack Randall

    almost 4 years ago #

    Hey Joanne. I’d agree with the How-To video series’.

    These videos will not only attract followers, but they will receive a high volume of @tags in the comments. People love to feel like they shared something good, or meaningful (such as self defense tips) to a friend.

    You could lean towards self defense for women during an attack. This will really bring in the @tags.

    @tags are very useful. They bring in new engaged followers to your page, and end up tagging new friends of their own.

    The second thing you’ll need to do it simply put in some sweat equity into the account by engaging with other similar niched accounts with likes, follows, and comments to let others know that the account exist. This doesn’t have to be Muay Thai niched, but can be a broader niche like MMA as well. Plenty of community there.

    After you gain a size-able following, I’d recommend hosting a give away, for some type of gear associated with the sport. With participation requiring that to enter you must tag 1-3 friends on the post.

    After you’ve reached 1,000 followers or more, you could then join an engagement circle, or create your own.

    If you’re not familiar with Engagement Circles, feel free to read up on them at my own website in my profile. I've written all about them and even put out an EBook tutorial you could get there on how to use them.

    Engagement Circles are one of the most powerful Organic growth methods out.

    I won’t make this reply too long, I’d recommend you start with the above methods for now. And of course do the obvious like keeping a clean bio, profile picture, and posting consistently at least 3 times a week with the highest quality content possible.

    Hope this helps, reach out if you have any further questions and I’ll try to help you guys out some more.

    Best Regards
    - Jack