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I started a service agency that makes e-commerce sites significantly faster on desktop and mobile (Sometimes as fast as native apps). I have around 25 customers and am trying to grow this number. But when I approach new prospects, none of them care about their store's performance. I keep amazon and google's studies handy, but often the conversation ends before I can bring them up. Highlighting revenue benefits of a fast site hasn't helped much either. What would be a good way to educate prospects about the importance of a fast e-commerce website? If someone can point me in right direction, I'll be happy to pay for your time.

  • AP

    Alex Pyatetsky

    over 3 years ago #

    I'm fairly confident in saying you're asking the wrong question. Why are you trying to sell people on the entire endeavor of improving site speed, instead of selling *your site speed solution* to people already looking to improve site speed?

    Fortunately, it's pretty easy to build a list of such companies with services like Builtwith.com.

    For example, you can produce lists of sites built on Magento, hosted on Rackspace and use Cloudflare CDN. You can be quite confident that these are companies that are happy to spend money on site speed optimization. Go sell your solution to them.

    Over time, you should figure out what kinds of technology stacks you have the most leverage with and target them more aggressively. Obviously the more specific your messaging to each stack the better. Specific case studies help.

    Lastly, consider that the end-customer may be a crappy person to sell to. Why not sell to SEO & Conversion Rate service providers and let them either white label your product or collect a portion of the revenues? These are people who already have the end-customer's ear/trust and they're especially receptive to the value of site speed.

    There's a lot more to be said about selling "online growth technology," but this should be a good start.

  • NL

    Nick Lock

    over 3 years ago #

    Sounds like your prospects aren't convinced they need your product/service.
    Are the studies you have (Google, Amazon) showing money left on the table?

    The below study is showing:
    1 second delay in page response drops conversions by 7%.
    40% of visitors leave if a site hasn't loaded within 3 seconds. (Find out how much traffic they get - how much of that converts - and how much money they're losing.)

    Come into the meetings with metrics showing site load times. Show them lost traffic which results in lost revenue.

    I'm not 100% clear on how the product works but if statistics don't get buy in - have you tried offering free trials?
    Let them use your service for 1-2 weeks and see if sales increase then it makes their decision easy.

  • NL

    Nick Lock

    over 3 years ago #

    Also want to mention this:

    "On a related note, Sean Ellis has popularized the idea of product-market fit, which has a lot of value as you decide your priorities using this funnel. Sean has often said that if at least 40% of your existing users wouldn’t be “very disappointed” if your product disappeared then you don’t yet have product-market fit. This basically means that your product doesn’t solve enough of a pain. It isn’t adequately loved by the users, and the team needs to focus on product more than growth. His overall point is that you shouldn’t try to find new visitors, or optimize the funnel for them, until you have a product that people actually want."

  • JB

    Jesse Boskoff

    over 3 years ago #

    I was going to cite the stat that Nick Lock mentioned above (40% of visitors will leave if a site hasn't loaded in 3 seconds). Honestly, you could leave it at that and say no more.

    The emergence of Google AMP is another sign that people value fast load times. Google wouldn't have created AMP if they didn't have the research to back it.