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Are there any tips you could share?

  • BJ

    Ben Jacobson

    over 2 years ago #

    Here's a tactic that I've found useful for promoting content on Quora, and it should work on Facebook groups too.

    Basically, build yourself an index spreadsheet of your top pillar / evergreen posts. On one column, paste your URLs. In another, add shorthand tags / keywords.

    So if you're marketing fishing equipment, for example, you might have published an ultimate guide to finding the perfect fishing pole. In that article, there may be a section on pole weight. So in your spreadsheet, among other tags, you might have "pole weight."

    Now, when you're scrolling through that top Facebook group for fishing fanatics, and you see a discussion about whether or not someone's pole is too heavy, you just search your spreadsheet for "pole weight," easily find the perfect article to share, write an original comment that contextualizes the advice in the article according to the specifics of the discussion, add a link to your article, and everybody wins.

  • JQ

    Jason Quey

    over 2 years ago #

    If posting in a group, I like to give context what problem this solves, why the article is helpful for that group, then drop a link to solve it.

    Classic PAS framework

  • SV

    Steven van Vessum

    about 2 years ago #

    Like with most communities, you need to interact, build relationships and gain authority. Join a Facebook group and share your link immediately? That may get you kicked out right away. Treat Facebook groups like any social platform (note that I wrote "social" - it's humans...) - put in the time to get to know the audience and build a name for yourself.

    Sure, some Facebook groups have 10k+ members so it's not that "personal", but at least make an effort to be part of the community. Something I always do is building relationships with the admins. Before posting, get their sign off first. Learn what's cool and what's not. If you have their buy-in, you're good and you know you have the street cred and the right content to share your content.

    Sorry, boring answer - there is no cutting corners.

  • VB

    Vipul Bansal

    about 2 years ago #

    Agree with Steven. When we started running campaigns for our content pieces at PushCrew, we had decided to actively use FB and LI groups. However, we soon realised we started with a wrong approach. You cannot just share your links there. Build relationships by actively responding to community members and share the link only when absolutely necessary.
    Become a part of the community first.

  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    almost 2 years ago #

    What I do is first make myself known in the community so when I through some links in the group that doesn't look spammy.

    Join relevant groups and then see if there are any threads in there related to the content you have when you see something start with some conversation and then add the link genuinely.

    You can also create a thread related to the content you have. Ask a question which can be answered by your content I am sure you are smart enough to not to answer your question immidiately.