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Some follow-up questions:

1. When do you qualify leads? ie. do you email first and then qualify or do you qualify somewhat, email, and then confirm where they are in the pipeline?
2. How are you reaching out to higher quality leads?

  • CO

    Courtney Ounjian

    8 months ago #

    Hi Olivia,

    Lead qualification and scoring can start as soon as you capture a prospects information and are able to contact them via email marketing. Qualification should be based on the factors that you define, but generally you are looking for signs that a prospect is ready to take the next step in the customer journey and is getting closer to converting (looking at historical data from current customers including activities, engagement can be a great place to start). When reaching out to higher quality leads I would say setting up a call with someone from your business is always a classy move, but you can also engage them with emails that provide special offers and links to purchase on an e-comm site to make a quick conversion as well.

    Additionally, I would always recommend having a general breakdown of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) including (at a minimum):

    - Job Titles (i.e. sales manager, CMO etc.)
    - Industries (i.e. Technology, Healthcare etc.)
    - Company Sizes (1-99, 100-250, 250+ etc.)
    - Geographic Locations (State, City, Country etc.)

    For example if your ICP for a specific campaign or product is Sales Managers in Technology companies with over 250 employees in California, then you can start to segment your campaigns based on contacts who fit this ICP right from the start. Which ensure you are nurturing them right from the get go!

    You can qualify leads based on the ICPs that you have defined for your business, and further nurture those leads through drip campaigns and lead scoring based on their engagement with your emails and content (i.e. +5 for opening an email, +10 for clicking a link in the email and +15 for downloading a resource from that link). Then in your lead scoring process you can define what would be considered a "hot lead" based on their scores.

    I hope this helps!


    • OC

      Olivia Chua

      6 months ago #

      Thanks for the response! Do you use any tools to help you grade a prospect based on the qualities you defined for your ICP?