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A lot of content has already been written on that topic and there's hardly anything which is unique about it.

  • ES

    Edward Stephens

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks very much for this question.

    I am no expert but the key is to re-imagine the content, people have been re-purposing the findings of David Ogilvy for years (albeit updating the reference points). So the opportunity is always there to get attention in a saturated area of expertise.

    But why not change the way the content is delivered? Sean mentioned in another discussion thread how many leads he generated via Slideshare, so if the article is being pushed into a jammed channel change the channel focus.

    So perhaps take portions of the article and turn them into really good Quora answers (people are always asking new variants of the same question), modify it for Slideshare or better yet make it visual.

    I often get article blindness where i'm sick of reading more words and in those instances if someone can tell the story in a visual manner, that's original and engaging I really take notice and my incidences of sharing are much higher.

    Sometimes long articles, unless you are talking about Neil Patel (Quicksprout) can feel bloated and like they are honouring keywords rather than the reader. I think as content creation continues to go crazy there will be a greater emphasis on those who effectively deliver and distil content above those that just produce it.

    • MF

      Mohammad Farooq

      over 4 years ago #

      That's some really good advice there mate. Thanks a ton.
      Although content repurposing is being done. A consistent effort is still missing. That Oglivy example speaks through, as I can actually relate and focus on achieving the same.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 4 years ago #

    Is your question really about promoting an article (as per the title) or about coming up with something unique to say about a popular topic (as per your description)?

    If it is the latter, from what I see daily show up on GH, a couple of patterns have stood out to me.

    The best content either:
    a. Zooms in and focuses on one specific part of the topic that has either never been focused on or never been focused on that to that extent and explores its intricacies.


    b. Zooms out and shows where/how/why it fits in with other related topics (since nothing exists in a vacuum) - and in doing so provides a greater context to not only that topic but the other topics as well, which inform your overall thinking/strategy more holistically than before.

    Clearly both cases require a high level of expertise to be able to make meaningful commentary.

  • IP

    Irina Pogor

    over 4 years ago #

    You could try to promote your article and make it stand out by integrating pop culture elements into it, hot topics you know people are already talking about. I could just start rambling, but it's probably better to give you an example.

    We posted an article called SEO Wars – What Color Is Your Lightsaber? on our company's blog close to date when the latest Star Wars movie was released. Even though SEO is a saturated subject, we gave it a fun spin by embedding Star Wars references.

    You can take a better look at the article here: https://www.squirrly.co/seo-wars-what-color-is-your-lightsaber-infographic

  • MF

    Mohammad Farooq

    over 4 years ago #

    That's really cool stuff. And you should blog such awesome stuff.


  • GS

    Gian Sim

    over 4 years ago #

    if you are looking to get clicks then you need to split test your headlines... If you want to convert traffic to sales or leads then you split test your call to action buttons...

    Honestly, promoting the content is the easiest part since you can promote using facebook groups, give valuable comments in different blogs, answer questions in quora, yahoo answers or in this forum...

    You can also do the paid route which is Facebook advertising, retargeting, google adwords etc...

    But the most important part here is testing your conversion rates... if you are getting roi's from your efforts...

    There's a lot of testing that comes with this.. hard work patience plus a few magic words will do the trick