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We, at Designmodo, use a few tools to start and finish an email newsletter campaign.

Here are a few tools we use to prepare an email newsletter:

1. Write the plan and text in Notion
> https://www.notion.so/

2. Design email in Postcards
> https://designmodo.com/postcards/

3. Compress the HTML
> https://willpeavy.com/tools/minifier/

4. Verify with Unspam
> https://unspam.email/

5. Send with Sendinblue
> https://www.sendinblue.com/

How do you prepare your email newsletter campaign?

  • SB

    Sarah Kate Binkley

    6 months ago #

    I'm on the B2B side, so for me it's

    1. Review analytics and data. What content has had the highest engagement and what content generates bottom of funnel conversions

    2. Review market trends and user intent search trends. What question(s) can I answer for my target audience?

    3. Make my content calendar. Omni-channel is the best approach.

    4. Identify my KPIs and how I will measure success/business impact

    5. Technical check up on email drafts. In-software tools or Litmus

    6. Internal notification to sales and support of the message going out to our audience so they can be prepared to answer any questions/follow-ups.