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Organizing content by date is certainly one of the most popular ways to do it, but not exactly the most effective for accessing evergreen content. What have you found works best for your content experience? Organizing by content type, buyer persona, stage of the funnel, a combo? Interested to hear!

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    about 2 years ago #

    I have my blog organized/listed chronologically but I pin my most popular content at the top of my blog page and I organize it by category.

    • PG

      Paige Gerber

      about 2 years ago #

      Love that. It's a great way to get more eyes on the content you already know works!

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    almost 2 years ago #

    I organize my posts thematically.

    I have a keyword strategy and every post I write HAS to fit the theme of my site, meaning it can be tied to categories and tags in place.
    each post can only belong under one category and one tag (whichever ones are most relevant).

    I do this to keep things simple and because it has a small SEO benefit.
    Or so I think:)

  • AZ

    Anna Zubarieva

    about 2 years ago #

    I organized my posts by content type. It's the most suitable way for me :)

  • MT

    Mat Trajkovski

    almost 2 years ago #

    Currently only chronologically, but I will add tags/categories soon, some of the best blogs I've seen work this way.

  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    almost 2 years ago #

    We at Cloudways have a content calendar (specifically for articles). We have divided the content according to months and we write publish date, keywords (primary and secondary), type of article (tutorial, thought leadership, listicles, controversial, etc), content owner and distribution channels against each topic we plan.

  • AW

    Alice Whale

    over 1 year ago #

    Best to do by theme (e.g. startups, growth etc) or type (knowledge, interview etc and in publish date order. So the first thing someone sees on the blog is the latest article but if they like what they see they can dive more into what they want to read about specifically.

  • MH

    Mohammad Hernandez

    almost 2 years ago #

    As Albert Einstein told: "If you cannot simply explain — means, you do not understand it up to the end." Avoid garbage and a slang, write clearly, clear, consciously. Memes became popular because they shortly inform of the idea and at once are remembered.

  • DP

    Deepak Pal

    over 1 year ago #

    I organize my blog posts chronologically i.e. the latest post always come on top.

  • KH

    Katie Hanna

    over 1 year ago #

    The most efficient way I've seen is by using an organizational tool like AirTable or Trello or even just an excel spreadsheet. Organize based on the month, week, day you plan to post and pop the article title in the corresponding spot. You can also include a status column so you know where the content is at in the creation process (especially helpful if you have a team). A further step is to add a column with a link to the article in progress so you don't have to go looking for each article you want to edit.

    As far as what to write about- on a separate sheet you can make a list of all the ideas you have or general topics you'd like to write about and organize your posts by theme. A client of mine divides her year into 4 quarters and each quarter has a theme and the content is worked out from there. That's a good way to start if you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start for content ideas.

  • JC

    Jack Carter

    over 1 year ago #

    Currently only chronologically, but I will add tags/categories soon, some of the best blogs I've seen work this way. I organized my posts by content type.

  • ED

    Eugine Dychko

    over 1 year ago #

    Creating 3 blogs, I always started with defining topics/tags to organize content by. It helps both content manager to plan content strategy and readers to navigate the blog. Moreover, you can use blog topics/tags to rubricate content for different personas, funnel stages or specific goals (like, introduce new features).

  • AA

    Alpha Academy

    over 1 year ago #

    organize the content categorize. this is the best way to do that.

  • PS

    Pooja Seshadri

    4 months ago #

    Hi Paige, to organise my blog content, I use a content calendar, otherwise known as an editorial or social media calendar. Having a content calendar is like having a daily to-do list for your tasks - you know what is to be done on that day, at what time, which task has the highest priority.

    A content calendar will help give a comprehensive view of all your content ideas, each project's status, schedule details and so on.

    Tools like Google Sheets (most common), Trello, CoSchedule are some options you can try.

    I found this blog on the same very informative and helpful with creating my own content calendar. Hope this helps! https://blog.narrato.io/how-to-create-and-manage-a-blog-content-calendar/

  • CH

    Cyrus Hiatt

    about 1 month ago #

    Blogs are published in the blog section of the website in chronological order, with some of the better posts being featured on the homepage or blog posts we'd like to get more attention from website visitors. We also have the categories broken down at the top of the blog page, so the visitor can filter out the posts, in chronological order as well.