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We have a medium sized SDR team cold email prospecting, and for each contact they reach out to, it's logged into Salesforce. These leads need to be nurtured in Hubspot. For instances like this, how do you guys manage those leads between platforms?

  • PV

    Philippe Vdhd

    almost 4 years ago #

    Hi Joe,

    I've ran into a similar issue between Hubspot and Salesforce. It's only easy to do if you decide that every single new lead that gets created in Salesforce, also gets pushed into Hubspot (just check your integration admin settings inside Hubspot). But if your budget is not unlimited and you want to keep your Hubspot database clean (which I would always, always prefer), then that is not a viable option. So the problem then is that you can't automatically push leads that match certain criteria from Salesforce into Hubspot.

    The solution then because a lot less seamless and yes I'm afraid you will have to "manually" push them into Salesforce. Two options here:

    1) Salesforce campaigns: When your SDR's get in touch with a lead and decide the lead needs nurturing from marketing, then they can put them into a Salesforce campaign. My suggestion would be to create a new Salesforce campaign every month and at the end of the month you upload that campaign into Hubspot with all the leads from that month. (adjust frequency as you wish) To push leads in a campaign in Salesforce to Hubspot is easy. Just click the import leads button and the option to import a campaign from salesforce is there. (Note: there is no continuous back and forth synch for campaign lists inside SF to Hubspot. So once you synch it, Hubspot will never check the list for new contacts)

    2) New field in Salesforce: Create a new field in SF that SDR's can use to indicate which leads need to be nurtured. You can then use this field as a filter in a report that you run (every month for example). Then download that list of leads as a CSV and upload in Hubspot.

    Both are shitty manual processes. But unless Hubspot recently introduced a change, this is these are (as far as I can think of) the only options you can use.

    Side note:

    There are two types of nurture you can put these cold prospected leads into: a dedicated "warm-up" nurture based on the persona OR put them into your general nurture database along with the rest of your Hubspot leads. Because these are cold(ish) leads and probably need a different kind of warming up, if you can, I would advise to have an email flow of 3-5 emails over a given period that matches the persona's needs, problems and interests. At least, that is if you have the content for it. And it's obviously heavily dependent on the type of business you run. (If you give me some more background on the company, I'm happy to give some more detailed recommendations)

  • KD

    Kalpesh Darji

    almost 4 years ago #

    For medium Sized SDR team tools like SaleHandy works well. It provides email tracking which helps in cold email prospecting.
    Other features: File sharing, Lead's activity tracking, Live pitch and Readymade email templates.
    checkout here: http://www.saleshandy.com/

  • EF

    Ed Fry

    over 2 years ago #

    @toejamson The answer depends -

    Do you have a free trial model? Can people just sign up to your product, or does sales *have* to get involved first via a demo and sales cycle.

    We've found a similar problem at other sales and marketing teams on the HubSpot-Salesforce stack. One of the tools has to become the "source of truth" for the other, but neither has profiles designed for all this data and logic easily.

    Oz Content worked on the HubSpot-Salesforce stack, but moved their lead management, enrichment, segmentation, and flows into Hull's customer data platform. This cleared up HubSpot and Salesforce, but importantly allowed them to execute a highly segmented lead nurturing campaign.

    They 20X'd marketing-sourced qualified leads in 2 months. Here's a little more about their journey finding and executing their lead management strategy: https://www.hull.io/blog/oz-content-mofu-hyper-segmentation-playbook/

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