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Yes I know about getting reviews and filling out your GMB profile, does anyone have anything else actionable that helps improve rankings in the Google Maps section for local SEO?

  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    4 months ago #

    Hi Penny, tips on how to rank higher in Google Maps:
    Verify your Google My Business page.
    Add sub categories in your GMB.
    Build niche local business citations.
    Use Schema markup / JSON in your website.
    Citation distribution.
    Optimize your website homepage.
    Build authoritative backlinks and citations.

    You can read about it here as well: https://www.branex.ca/blog/rank-my-local-business-using-google-my-business/

  • CG

    Chip Gabbert

    4 months ago #

    Using detailed local business schmea markup on your website and adding a ton of pictures, info, full description on your GMB seem to help.

  • EL

    Eric Leiker

    about 2 months ago #

    Fully optimize and fill out/add pictures/etc to your Google My Business and encourage clients to leave you reviews mentioning the city they live in and service performed.