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  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    about 3 years ago #

    One of the most basic ideas:

    Include It In Your Email Signature!

    Call me old school but it works...

    The average professional sends and receives about 120 emails a day. If you send 60 emails within 24 hours and every single one of those emails has a link to your content in your signature, you have a great chance to drive more traffic to your content. In addition, you know that the people you’re engaging with are relevant because you’re talking to them.

    Sometimes the people you’ll be interacting with will be team members and other times, they will be clients or partners. In each of these cases, there’s a benefit for you to keep these people in the loop about the content you’re creating.

    A few other ways:
    > Send emails to your mailing list
    > Share stats/charts from the PDF as content and include a link to the gate
    > Promote it on Facebook using ads targeting a specific audience
    > Share it on social media channels organically
    > Remarket people who visit the page but don't download
    > Seed the content into articles/blog posts about the topic
    > Tell people to swipe up on Instagram
    > Conduct a joint partnership with another individual in the industry
    > Host a webinar and tell people to download it
    > Answer questions on forums and plug it (Wait for it)
    > Upload the content to a Subreddit via an engaging response
    > Update old but well visited blog posts with CTAs driving to the PDF

    I put together a bunch of distribution tactics here: https://rosssimmonds.com/distropack -- Might be useful... Or even this talk I did with @taliagw a few months back: https://getuplift.co/distribute-your-content-in-a-crowded-market/