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Launching our first podcast. Currently applying my content marketing philosophy to the whole process but would love some insight for podcasts specifically. Current approach: 1. Quality>Quantity 2. Solve a problem 3. Provide actionable insight 4. Hustle just as hard to distribute as you did to create 5. Leverage your guest's audience 6. Use the podcast as a "content upgrade" to existing and future blog posts

  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    over 2 years ago #

    Podcast distribution is very similar to the distribution of other types of content.

    The key is figuring out where your audience is spending time and getting creative around the idea of getting your content in front of them. A comedy podcast for example, isn't going to spend much time trying to seed its podcast into communities like ProductHunt but a tech podcast, startup podcast or marketing podcast might find that to be a HUGE way to drive traffic.

    So... Communities.

    Communities make for great places to spread your podcast and connect with people who matter.

    Where do you find your community?

    It could be a forum. It could be a subreddit. It could be a topic on Quora. It could be a publication on Medium. It could be a Facebook group.

    It could be any of these things. Once you've found your community, the key is to lead with value first and foremost. You don't want to jump into the dialogue constantly trying to sell things over and over again. I know from experience that Reddit as an example is a channel that will ban you faster than a heart beat. So how do you avoid that?

    You create content that is valuable. You answer questions. You don't plug ONLY your content. You engage in communities (if we're talking about Reddit) that aren't all about your business. For example, I've had my own and clients content on the front page of a handful of targeted subreddits and have not been banned. Why? Because I know the importance of building a real profile.

    If someone checks your profile history and see you're only sharing content about YOU and your brand - You'll get blocked. So engage in dialogue. Share insights readily. Make moves in these communities that show that you're there to give more than you take.

    And then... Talk about your podcast.

    But do it with humility.

  • JG

    jordan gutierrez

    almost 5 years ago #

    1- use skyscraper technique on podcast as well
    2- promote it to your audience
    3- get a lot of guest and use their audience
    4- https://www.libsyn.com/ is really good tool
    5- podcast are really advance, use it after you've nailed blog/video/social

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 3 years ago #

    @dan_shure @alfredlua @elizabethjcain @jacunzo: Any words of wisdom to share from your experiences?

  • RK

    Ross Kilburn

    over 2 years ago #

    Make use of your email list, content upgrade, guest post, working with other podcasters