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Say some months my service business does well compared to some other months. Despite evaluating the role of weather in these good months, I have a nagging feeling there's something else at play. How can I identify those factors and attempt to address them during low months?

  • NS

    Nick Soper

    7 months ago #

    Hi Mark. This is a really tough one and I've also had to work through months where targets have been set and things just don't seem go your way but you have to press forward anyway. So these are some of the steps I would follow.

    Couple of things I'd explore:

    - Check your measurements are working, always a fairly good place to start.
    - Check all of your paid campaigns are active and running (scheduled end dates, billing issues and other things can creep up and deactivate your campaigns)
    - Look at the industry trajectory with Google Trends and Keyword Planner and see if there are any seasonal or other external factors you can determine that might impact the size of the pie you are going after.
    - I'd also do some technical analysis and make sure your product is not throwing an exception from time to time. Check downtime, error logs, watch some user sessions (set up if you don't have these).
    - Use an exit intent popup and ask if there is anything you can do to help the user convert.
    - If you have contact details of leads who didn't convert call (preferable) or email them and get some rapid qualitative data. If you can ask about their motivation, reasons, but also their source and their journey so you can see where they are in their path to purchase/life cycle.

    It's also a little hard to understand how weather and other smart methods might impact your business, especially without knowing what kind of volume you're getting, or what services you're selling, but I've seen people get great success when used in conjunction with creative messaging.

    If all of these things don't provide any insights, then you'll need to be a little more creative.


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