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Do you measure the time spending in managing resources, internal content contribution and external distribution? How? What's the one metric that matters for your content marketing strategy? Engagements or lead/user acquisition?

  • ŠG

    Špela Grašič

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Ariel,

    At Cheeky Monkey Media we measure all of the above. In fact, I had a conversation just this morning to discuss whether the time spent researching, writing, preparing, and distributing our most recent blog is worth what the return on investment. Since the blog is really new, it's too early tell, but I will be measuring things like:

    - visits
    -time on page
    -additional pages viewed
    -referrals and link backs
    -social shares
    - and of course, customer acquisition.

    All of these will effect whether or not the blog was successful, or partly successful. Ultimately, though, I would need to prove that the content piece, like any other piece, will contribute to the bottom line. So, for my one metric, time spent vs. level of qualified engagement (viewed blog page and at least one services page) and direct link backs.

    That's kind of a cop-out, I know. However, it really depends on what is making the biggest impact to my bottom line (getting customers through the door).

    For example, if I notice that getting more traffic increases my leads, then I would be looking at increasing the traffic. However, if I noticed that building relationships with prospective clients has a bigger impact on my ability to convert them to clients, regardless of how many of these prospective clients I attract, then I would be focusing on building relations (for example, # of comments and responses, or follow up conversations). Similarly, going back to the blog example, if I noticed that users who spend an average of 2 or more minutes on my blog are more likely to become clients or volunteers (or whatever my final goal is) then my one metric would be measuring time on the blog.

    Does that make sense? What about the rest of the community? Do you use similar measurements, or do you approach it differently?

  • GS

    Guy Shalem

    over 3 years ago #

    I use CRM to measure time spent & Engagement level is my metric (if i have to choose one)

  • DA

    Deena Anreise

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Ariel!

    Prialto uses a Content (editorial) Calendar with several different tabs to maintain order in the chaos AND to allow everyone to collaborate on content.

    The following link has 9 FREE templates to choose from. We customized the 5th one down ("Blogging Editorial Calendar") to match our needs. Best thing ever! https://www.smartsheet.com/9-free-marketing-calendar-templates-excel

    Good luck!

  • MB

    Marco Burgin

    over 3 years ago #

    Plenty of planning, lots of results tracking and lots of documentation.

    The monitoring of the metrics I do periodically, always comparing with the previous ones to find out if the results have been satisfactory and whenever there is need, I make small changes in the campaigns and contents to know the preferences of my people.

    Always documenting everything, for whenever I need to be analyzing and seeing the reasons for falls or growth in results and always documenting thinking that another person should be able to read and understand everything that was worked.

    I use some platforms to help me and help the team. Asana, meistertask ... among others that fit our needs.

    I hope I've been able to help you.