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Recently I've been writing a lot on "microservices design approach", where we are starting to think of marketing as being served by a constellation of independent SaaS products, instead one monolithic app. My (2) questions are: - What does your currently Marketing Tech Stack look like today? - How do you pick up those services? What's the research process that leads you adopting one tool instead of another?

  • SS

    Samarth Sawhney

    almost 2 years ago #

    This is my stack which I may use ( Depending on the Project I am working On )

    CMS - Wordpress
    For Ads - Google, Facebook,
    Bid Management - Marin, Kenshoo,
    Conversion Optimization - Optimizely or Crazy Egg.
    Email - Mailchimp, SES
    Social Media - Hubspot, SproutSocial, Buffer, HootSuite
    SEO - Aherf, Google Webmaster, Moz, Screaming Frog
    Marketing Automation - Gamooga, Marketo
    Analytics- Amplitude, Google Analytics, Periscope, Appsflyer, Firebase.
    Collaboration Tools- Zira, Trello, Asana
    Content Generation - Buzzsumo

    Some of these tools I am familiar with But I love to test and enhance my Kit overtime. Do let me know your thought an addition I can make

    • RC

      Robert Cannon

      almost 2 years ago #

      Thanks for sharing - a lot of these tools appear to do similar things? Why so many for the same function?

      • MS

        Martijn Scheijbeler

        almost 2 years ago #

        I notice the same with the Growth stacks that I've build at companies. Sometimes you just want another tool to do the same job so you have a setup that supports that, if tool A fails somehow you'll still have the data in Tool tool B.

        In most other cases there is a ton of additional value if you connect these tools together. Forr example for Analytics, the tools that Samarth listed are all ones that I use on a regular basis too. But there is so much more powerful data if you have the same data in both. Amplitude <> Google Analytics is a combination that is super powerful as Amplitude can go deep on the user interaction + events while Google Analytics can help you with the higher level information.

      • SS

        Samarth Sawhney

        almost 2 years ago #

        Like I said I choose which one to use with respect to the company I am working for. The idea here is to make sure that my team is equipped and has knowledge of the metric that needs to be measured for the growth.

  • NL

    Nicholas Little

    over 1 year ago #

    Great question - I can't speak for the whole stack, but my company (PostSpeaker) is in the business of slimming down required apps for Social Media Management. Instead of buying Facebook ads, get your employees and other ambassadors sharing your content via Facebook. It can be tough to convince people to share business content; so PostSpeaker doesn't require logins for your ambassador's social media, and each person sharing has a 72-hour window to view or edit the post.

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