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What specific market research method worked well for you for boosting the conversion rates of your opt in pages? Typically, we think of research in forms of analytics or active outreach like surveys. I'm curious about your best approach to understanding the market using readily available information.

  • NJ

    Nick Julia

    over 3 years ago #

    Understanding the market to boost conversions really means understanding an individual's motivations, problems, questions and needs etc. And seeing which recur and trend across your target group.

    Assuming you already have a site/ customers, start looking internally first.

    - Site visitor questions
    - Suport Emails
    - Getting your sales team to share objections they hear with your marketing team
    - Internal company sales data
    - Make sure your customer avatar is really your ideal customer - based on your data and observations. Then adjusting messaging to fit your actual ideal customer.

    For example if you say my customer is a marketing manager at startups and large enterprises.

    But a marketing manager at a fortune 500 is going to have very different concerns than a marketing manager at a startup.

    If you take a look maybe the data and your observations are that - it's hard to sell to startups because they're hesitant to spend with us. They need more support. So maybe they aren't the ideal customer.

    You can adjust your messaging to be more specific and convert better with your ideal customer.

    Externally I like going where people try to get questions answered and express frustrations.

    - Forums.
    - Facebook Groups.
    - The comments to blog posts
    -using buzzsumo to see popular posts
    - Reddit
    - Quora
    Search trends can also help inform your direction at a very high level.
    - Google trends
    - Search volume by keywords

  • SK

    Saurav Kumar

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey @allancaeg,
    It's the simple strategy that marketers do to boost their sales but only few of them make proper use of market research.
    Efficient market reasearch help to boost conversion rate by focusing more on potential customers.
    Perform primary(From existing customers) and secondary(From institutions, external sources etc.) and combine them to prepare a single market research report.
    You should be able to insight about customers need and interest so you can produce customer oriented products. This way you could also grab lot of competitors lead.
    There are also a lot you can do. Hope that work for you!
    With regards,