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Hey all, I run growth at Book in a Box. We take people all the way from jumble of ideas in their head to a professionally published book in about six months. While we're not a SaaS company, I've gotten a lot of value out of approaching our marketing and sales from a growth framework - designing experiments, testing, and building them into miniature growth engines. I'm curious to know how many other B2C companies that do not offer software as a service, but just a service, are approaching growth / growth hacking.

  • AB

    Alex Berman

    about 4 years ago #

    I'd say you're approaching it wrong Kevin - book in a box is not a B2C company. You're a B2B productized services business.

    If you approach it like that it's fairly straightforward what you need to do:

    1) Identify a target that could get tangible value from a book and has 30k to spend

    You're most likely going after growing B2B companies, most likely services, consultants and agencies. They need decent revenue, so it would be good to start with companies that have hired 15 or more people in the last couple months.

    2) Reach out direct

    Can't tell you how many people in that target 1) would love to write a book because they have huge egos and 2) know that sending a book to enterprise clients will help secure more business.

    Target those people directly and grow using cold emails.

    No need to "growth hack" or do any other marketing stuff for now - Tucker's got podcasts handled. Have your team send out at least 100 emails each, personalized and targeted - and your calendars will be full.

    If you need help with this hit me up - we do this all day long at InspireBeats :)

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