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I am developing an app for spontaneous event discovery and coordination. We'd like to start with targeting a niche community, starting with tech events, professional networking, and talks. What have you done to acquire initial "power users" for your social app? What growth strategies or GTM strategies have been successful and which ones have failed? Thank you!

  • RB

    Robert Bausmert

    over 1 year ago #

    You start by having a valuable product. You even mentioned your audience, so a good start would be to go to meetups/events and talk to people about your app. I assume your app is free? If it is, the barrier to entry is low. But people won't sign up until your app is something they really want. Talking to people is a good way to test that.
    That being said, social apps are tough in the beginning because a lot of the value is in the network, which doesn't exist for a new app. That's why you have to build something so valuable that your early users will keep using the app despite there being no or little network.

  • JP

    John Popel

    12 months ago #

    Hey Florence đź––

    Make an MVP with a super clear value proposition.

    Get initial traction by:
    • build in growth engine into the product itself (e.g. double viral loop);
    • localized targeting on a specific community and place;
    • delayed monetization;
    • PR targeted to relevant target audience;
    • focusing on developing strengths rather than improving weaknesses (ergo, empower and reward your evangelists).

    ! Try to evade paid acquisition at all costs !

  • JP

    John Popel

    12 months ago #

    I'd advise you to educate from that growth study: http://benchhacks.com/growthstudies/linkedin-growth-hacks.htm

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