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Hey GH community!

We recently created a survey designed to collect data for our product pre-launch.  Midway through we discovered that the survey was acting as a lead magnet.  We've  sent the survey out to a ton of FB groups but are running thin on ideas for getting participants.  Any ideas how to maximize reach?

We're a saas company targeting freelancers and independent workers

  • YV

    Yash Vardhan

    almost 3 years ago #

    Hi Josh,

    I guess these are a few things that could help you out -

    1. Keep your Survey short and sweet - If your surveys are brief, there is a greater chance of your visitors or customers completing the survey. Target a completion period of 10–15 seconds for best response rate.

    2. If you're going for a longer survey, offer an incentive - If, for some reason, you are unable to keep your survey short, offer an incentive to complete the survey. The incentive does not need to be something huge. For example, you can offer an entry to a giveaway contest for a product when a user participates and completes a long survey.

    3. Ask questions based on a scale - A simple way in which you can extract a rich dataset from your survey is by introducing a scale for the answers. Consider changing your Yes/No questions to more figurative questions.

    For example, consider this question:

    To what extent are you frustrated with the traffic on the 31st interstate?

    Let me know what you think. Does this help?

  • MK

    Marta Kaczmarek

    almost 3 years ago #

    Hey Josh,

    Have you tried in-message surveys? You may create a survey in a feedback tool and distribute it via email using any email marketing services’ providers (for example MailChimp/Drip/Intercom).
    Furthermore, there are some hints you can use while creating a survey to improve the response rate:
    - Start with one question - the longer it takes to fill up the survey, the lower the completion rates.
    - Make the questions short and possible answers clear.
    - Speak your target language.
    - Offer an incentive - a coupon or a discount for your product would be great.
    If you'd like to read more about surveys and best practices I recommend Survicate's Feedback Academy: https://survicate.com/blog/how-to-get-greater-response-rate/
    Good luck :)