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For the first time in my career I am finally able to legit put power into good guides and content to power my lead gen efforts, but I am having trouble getting people to both view the content and download it. I'd love any suggestions on how to promote it better.

  • SK

    Sean Kirby

    7 days ago #

    What sort of things are you doing now to promote your content?

    These two blog posts might give you some ideas:

    As for getting people to download your lead magnets, there are several things that could be factors at play. Are you attracting people who care about the topics your offering? Do you have enough traffic to accurately determine your conversion rate? (You did mention you are having trouble getting people to view it, so if traffic is too low it could be statistical chance.) Is your promotional copy (wether it's a popup, landing page, etc.) effective? And it not, do you have hypotheses for elements you could improve on (such as ways to reduce friction, add urgency, etc.)?

    If you want to share something more concrete, I'd be happy to take a look and give you some more specific feedback.