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A prospective client of mine is looking to drive sales of their mobile and desktop app. They are currently selling it as an affordable price (under $10); it is my hypothesis that they would increase their install and purchase rates if they offered a 7-day trial to compete against the free apps in the marketplace. Is anyone able to offer any insight on the trial model, either personal experience or articles/whitepapers online?

  • YK

    Yannis Karagiannidis

    over 2 years ago #

    You need to test it. The free trial will or will not bring tons of new users (depends whether you 're asking for a CC or not). Once you get tons of free users, you 'll see that only a small chunk of them convert to paid - what do you do with the rest?

    • AL

      Apostolis Lianos

      over 2 years ago #

      I agree with Yannis here. Free trial is a great user acquisition tactic, which if optimized correctly (and this required LOTS of time!), can be your growth engine.
      For my previous mobile startup finding the AHA moment became our purpose. We didn't make it. I hope your client will with your assistance. :)

      One of my fav articles about AHA moment is this: https://apptimize.com/blog/2016/02/this-is-how-you-find-your-apps-aha-moment/

      Good luck!
      ps: i would directly try a 14day free trial, let the user get used to your product/app to get "hooked"