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I built a program using machine learning that I want to test out with live campaigns on various startups (I won't charge). Just curious how I can find leads of companies who regularly spend on FB/AdWords. Any suggestions?

  • CH

    Chris Hornak

    about 3 years ago #

    1. Look at startups recently added to startup directories (for example: https://betalist.com/)
    2. Run their website through https://builtwith.com/ to see if they use the adwords or facebook ads script.
    3. If they run adwords you can run their domain through https://www.spyfu.com/ to get a sneak peak of their campaign.
    4. You can use https://clearbit.com/ to help you uncover contacts if you can't find them on their website.
    5. Connecting with those contacts via LinkedIn might be a more effective foot in the door than email.

    Good luck! :)