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  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    almost 2 years ago #

    I actually do not think it is needed. I feel like mobile apps are needed when the functionality of the desktop website is not available on a mobile browser or the UX on a mobile browser is lousy. For example, eCommerce checkouts can be a pain on a mobile device, which is why a lot of online retailers have designed mobile apps to make the user experience more enjoyable (e.g. Ruelala.com, Gilt.com, etc.). I just checked out the GrowthHackers.com mobile website and it is responsive and quick.

    My $0.02.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 2 years ago #

    I admit it would be cool (and certainly have an impact on retention) and has been in the backlog for a while tbh.
    A couple of reasons as to why you haven't seen an app yet:
    a. Most of the traffic still comes via desktop.
    b. Other mission critical things being prioritized first

    • PH

      Pradyut Hande

      almost 2 years ago #

      Well, I for one would be stoked to get my hands on a potential GH app, as and when (if) it does happen! Thanks for responding to this!