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PBN, Greyhats, Blackhats, Whitehats. Which are the best ways to rank fast on Google. Penalization doesnt really matter. But need to growth hack SEO techniques.

  • EP

    Egor Pervuninski

    almost 5 years ago #

    Blackhat, you say?

    1. Buy a 0-day exploit for a popular CMS on a black marker (make sure the CMS has at least a few million installs).

    2. Create a script that will continuously scrape a list of sites using this CMS.

    3. Inject a back link to your website using your keyword as an anchor text to the front page of these websites using a 0-day exploited backdoor.

    4. Enjoy instant ranking and quick domain ban.

    5. (optional) Go to prison for hacking.

  • MK

    Mani Karthik

    over 4 years ago #

    Hmm, I'm sorry but this is going to be a disappointing answer but the truth.

    Getting found on Google fast is easy btw (I'm sure that's not your question but to add some context to my answer). All you got to do is make sure you have a well optimized website (just the basic groundwork with no errors will suffice) and either link to it from an already well indexed content/website OR submit the URL via Google Webmaster's "Fetch as Google" feature. I will say that getting found via a link is more "powerful" as it might carry some relevance and link juice.

    But to answer your question, ranking on google fast is touch. But please be mindful that there are lot of moving parts here and there is no one answer for everyone. But for most of us, it is tough.

    Couple of factors.

    1. Competition
    The less competitive your niche is, the easier or faster it is to rank. For example, let's say you identified a new niche (hoverboard graffitti decals for lack of good examples). It will be easier for you to rank for keywords in this niche because it is new and there are no websites competing in the space. But on the other hand, let's say you want to rank for "personal loans" (God help you.), then your chances are low for a page one rank (unless you're a hot startup getting lot of press).

    2. Brand & Authority
    As a thumb rule, if you are a new website, Google will put you in sandbox mode before ranking you for any keyword but there are exceptions and this depends on your brand power or authority. Like in point 1, let's say you are a unicorn startup that's getting lot of press from the big shots and is building up lot of relevance for the keyword "personal loans". Provided you have a good optimized website, there is no reason why Google wouldn't let you in. May be not on Rank 1, bit closer for sure.
    I've worked with a personal loan startup (loannow), that made significant jumps with some of the toughest keywords (quick online loans etc) in a very short time because of relevance, brand and well crafted + optimized content.
    I don't think you stand a chance if you were a content marketer selling your online loan affiliate website, to rank on first page of Google though. So you get the point.

    3. Your basic SEO mojo
    This goes without saying but if you have a well optimized content (we're talking keyword clusters, funneling, sculpting, internal linking etc not just your basic keyword research and page titles) and a blazingly fast website with amazing UX (not great, not good, but amazing) then you get some brownie points. But this is less significant compared to other factors I mentioned above, for new websites.

    So to answer your question, it is difficult to rank on Google "fast".

    But there is hope. It is possible to rank fast if you will re-align your targets and goals. :)

    For example,

    - Change your target keyword to a less competitive one. (from "personal loans" to "personal loans for bad credit" perhaps).
    - Invest in content marketing with a blog and eat your way up with long tail keywords. One day you will gather enough traction and volume to get conversions (if that is your objective) as close to or bigger than a one super competitive keyword.

    Hope that helped.


  • SP

    Sandeep Periwal

    almost 5 years ago #

    In my experience there is absolutely no way to rank on Google quickly. Its a slow process requiring oodles of patience & effort.
    Next best option is highly focused Adwords campaign.
    Be aware, its an expensive proposition.

  • AK

    Anton Koekemoer

    almost 5 years ago #

    All of the above. Add a sitemap to GWT, create your social media profiles all linking back to the website, add a blog to your website and publish a couple of blog posts linking back to the core pages of the website. Share these posts via the website social media profiles and get others to share it as well.

  • JG

    jordan gutierrez

    almost 5 years ago #

    You can submit your url here:


    Also guest blogging.

    • KB

      Kiki Banana

      almost 5 years ago #

      Don't think that guest blogging can help you to rank your new (!) site fast (!) in Google. Guest blogging is a time-consuming and quite expensive method. If we are talking about FAST methods - comments, site wide links

  • JF

    Jonathan Fraixedes

    over 4 years ago #

    First, I'd do a Keyword Research about your industry's topic. Once you've done that, I'd structure the site (information architecture) optimized for Search Engines and, above all, people (your users). You can do that by creating logic URLs, title tags, Headers, images. videos (if necessary) and high qulity content to convert as many users as possible. Then, I'd submit the site to Search Console, fetch it as Google and step by step building relationships within your industry by creating content which solves real problems.

    Ranking a new site is quite hard but with this strategy you can have the foundation of a high crawlable and indexable site and thus being able to rank higher in the future.

  • SG

    Sadiq Gill

    over 4 years ago #

    Write content, especially blog posts and guest blog posts.

  • MH

    Mark Herre

    over 4 years ago #

    White SEO is the only thing that works and if you hire a performance based seo, he will perform. Make sure the person you hire has a reputation and is 100% transparent with the process. Here's the process:
    1) link build
    2) onsite updates for metatags
    3) improve content
    It's that easy!

  • AK

    Alex Kehr

    almost 5 years ago #

    The easiest thing to do is to probably set up Google Search Console on the domain.

  • RF

    Ryan Farley

    over 4 years ago #

    Generally there's nothing fast about SEO. In my experience, even if you do everything right and build tons of whitehat links, it still takes time.

    This makes sense. For one, the longer a site has been around, the more trustworthy it is (generally speaking). Furthermore, if Google updated soon after changes were made / links were earned, it would be too easy to game the algorithm.

    One method to expedite things - if minimizing time to rank is most important - is to buy another website that already has links to it and some age on it. Then redirecting it to a more appropriate domain and optimizing for your keywords.

  • MN

    Mymagicfundas Nirmala

    over 4 years ago #

    I agree with Ryan. There is no shortcut for success. The new site will definitely take some time to perform well in search engines. Adding relevant in-depth content after doing a proper keyword research would help a bit to stay authority in the eyes of Google and your site readers as well.

  • MA

    Mohd Arif

    over 4 years ago #

    I searched lot's of stuff on internet related to how we can rank fast, but not found any organic way, which provide security. I think only patience, content, authority site link building can make possible ranking into search engine, if you don't have all these then you can't..

  • AK

    Amit Kumar

    over 4 years ago #

    Whenever I searched for this kind of question "how to rank a new website on Google fast with SEO?" on the web, I got only the usual answer like: Submission to blog networks, Sitemap submission, Commenting do follow/Comment Luv, Use Popular website stats program, Social bookmarking submission, Guest posting, Ping services etc. So, i am still searching more about it.!!

  • SJ

    searchism james

    over 4 years ago #

    So many lol's in this post. Sorry OP (Shaun)-
    this is akin to going to a party naked. Some people will initially take notice
    but many are going to quickly look away.

    Truth is, many people in public don't want to align themselves
    with the dark arts because google is so powerful- they can wipe someone out
    with just a post (some actually believe this).

    Alot of very PC replies thus far, but optimizing and google WMT and sitemaps and other hogwash
    aren't going to rank you. Sure, optimization is of course important. but aside from indexing, it ain't gonna do you much, son.

    And no you don't need to hack to do blackhat. Blackhat in and off itself is not illegal when you aren't hacking others sites. Against Google TOS? Sure thing.

    Here's a few bones:
    A) Parasites. They still work.
    B) PBN's Yup. Work magic..
    C) 301's Devalued, but yep, work.
    D) In some serps, powerful laser targeted tweets are getting indexed and ranked, albeit just for the day.

    here are a few examples of *possible* BH sites/results:
    https:// viagrabestbuy.com/

    => redirect city: https://www. uhone.com/Quote/

    Not widely accepted but yes you can rank fast. Easy? No. Possible? Yup. Risks v. reward. I recommend using a site that is already an authority and established yet not a clients site or another site that can't be burned.

    And I only listed about 5% of the current strategies that are in play in the serps. All the details are in the serps...

    Happy surfing :)

  • RT

    Roman Temkin

    over 4 years ago #

    Don't think you can magically appear on Google that quickly unless you know some Google SEO insiders lol.

  • JB

    James Binns

    over 4 years ago #

    Start six months ago. Sounds glib, but getting a page indexed when you have the germ of an idea with some keywords in, connected social accounts and WebMaster tools set up is a great start.

  • AL

    Amir Latefi

    over 4 years ago #

    i see most people are amateurs in here..and dont understand the mechanics of basic seo..first of all, it has to do with you keywords, depending on the difficulty of the KW and how well optimized it is well determine how long it will take, thats the number 1 variable... .among some others..

  • AH

    Agnes Haryuni

    over 4 years ago #

    I would say guest blogging in authority site. Yes, it takes a long time, but Google value sites differently. In certain keywords, I dont think comments even count anymore.
    One high PR blogpost can get you a link with higher value compare to hundreds of blog comments. And also, the real reason we want to authority site is because other people get content from them (ex. autoblog). So your linsk and brands will keep on spreading. It not uncommon that one guest blogpost can get you 10 more links, or even interview with similar topic online magazine (depends on your topic). That's why people willing to write for free for buzzfeed, huff post, etc.

    Also, when I say guest blog I'm not limiting you to text post. It could be guest video in a popular youtube channel, reviews, slideshows of tutorials, and many more. Just make sure you put a little text there with your keyword.

  • JH

    Jesse Hanley

    over 4 years ago #

    In Search Engine Optimisation you have two factors: safety and speed.

    You can only ever pick one or the other. If you attempt to aggressively rank a website for a specific term you can guarantee you'll tank the site and land in Google jail. I've never seen an instance where someone has used unethical practices and lasted over the long run (greater than 1 year).

    I have however seen people work hard, be consistent and dominate over the long term.

    Tackling search these days is about good habits and consistency. It's not hard, just takes a little while and requires patience :)

  • SV

    Sascha Pascal van Opzeeland

    over 4 years ago #

    when we started out we managed to grow organic traffic relatively fast. Not explosive, but faster than I expected. Besides having a decent structure, sitemap, and some backlinks from authoritative partners, our real strategy was content marketing: to produce many landing pages targeting more or less relevant keywords.

    I'd do things differently now, though. After a few months our rankings crumbled. What I understood from our SEO consultant is that when you're a new website with a lot of content, Google 'tests' the quality of your content by ranking you higher than your website actually deserves based on its authority. Because our content was written fast, the quality wasn't good, so the readers didn't stay long. So Google judged that our website didn't produce good content, and our rankings crumbled. We had to start over producing quality content - which takes a lot of work.

    So I would recommend to focus on quality content from the start, stuff that actually provides value. But that takes hard work.

  • SL

    Simon Lejeune

    over 4 years ago #

    Build something useful, unique and with a beautiful brand.

  • BT

    Brodie Tyler

    over 4 years ago #

    For local SEO, besides the claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing, the best way to rank fast is with reviews... lots of reviews.

    This study of over 22k local listings shows how the quantity of reviews effects rankings across 29 different categories: http://www.reviewjump.com/local-search-analysis/

  • PK

    Puneet Kataria

    almost 4 years ago #

    PAID Search Ads.
    Outbidding everyone else is your best chance of hitting #1 on the first page.

    You have to choose between TIME or MONEY.

    If you want to rank FAST on Google, then Search Ads is the only options.

    Also, think of this from Google Perspective, if you could rank on day 1, who will pay for Adwords.

  • AI

    ailerons IT

    almost 2 years ago #

    I believe PBN and Guest posting is the best way to get permanent and long term seo results.

  • SD

    Sophia Divine

    8 months ago #

    Hi Shaun Ling,

    Rank a new website on google it's not a easy task to do.You should follow all the instruction which are provided by google and put your all efforts.
    you should be patient enough also.
    There are the methods which you can do for rank your websites are given below:
    1.Proper Keyword.
    2.Publish relevant content.
    3.Proper SEO on your websites.
    4. On page and Off page activities.
    5.Blog Submission
    6.Bookmarking Submission
    7.Directory Creation
    8.Social Bookmarking
    9.Web 2.0 Submission
    10. Info graphic Promotion

  • TK

    Thomas Kelly

    5 months ago #

    Posting because there doesn't seem to be any current answers, and the Google algorithm is changing all the time. I believe in white hat techniques, which can be painfully slow at first unfortunately. There's more than a billion blogs out there in 2020 and while most of them never get off the ground, Google is tougher than ever to rank on. On top of that, link juice doesn't fully get passed on for up to 12 weeks of the link being crawled, so it's tough. However, the best advice I could give is to make sure that:

    Your site is mobile friendly (became a big deal about a year ago)
    Your site speed is above 80 in Googles speed test
    You're working on backlinks as much as possible (guest posts help a lot when you've not got much content)
    The site is indexed properly!!!
    Target long tail keywords with low competition

    I wrote a more in depth guide which I'll link below, but basically, hard work will pay off. I don't recommend black hat linking, as Google is clamping down on it more and more, and getting increasingly good at detecting when your links aren't legit. Black hat linking could make you rank, but it sure won't last long and could ruin your site.