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I’m interested in adding schema markup on our website to better understand our readership activity and visitor habits. However, we understand that such behaviors are more often implemented for commerce sites offering products rather than services, to better guide visitors through the shopping journey and end in completing a sale. How can we implement schema markup for our service-related website that will still provide valuable information about potential clients visiting the site?

Do you feel the benefit has enough impact for service orientated sites, and how do you implement the markup in a unique way to provide equally valuable information for service providers?

  • KP

    Kristina Petrick

    almost 4 years ago #

    Not that anyone likes to complain about more traffic (that’s a plus for any site) but recently we’ve noticed a high amount of traffic from all over the globe with a webmaster geo setting to the USA. We are a digital agency offering services called Aumcore at www.aumcore.com.

    While we do have offices around the globe (in Malaysia, UK and the US), the site is specifically targeted to our US audience in not only the webmaster geo setting but also through strategically written content, UX and UI designed for a US audience.

    So why the traffic from different countries? We’re interested to learn if you’ve had a similar experience, and if you’ve discovered why this may be a possibility even when all directions point to Rome (or in this case the US). Is there an outside factor that may be affecting this traffic pattern anomaly or is it simply sporadic? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

  • AS

    Ajit Singh

    over 3 years ago #


    I first want to understand your business nature. I like to refer you to a very good resource online that list 397 types of Schema.org tags according to business. I am sure you will find your here and steps to implement it. Good luck

    Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ed6RmI01rx4UdW40ciWgz2oS_Kx37_-sPi7sba_jC3w/edit?pli=1#gid=0