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  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    about 1 year ago #

    What really worked in our (Cloudways) case was having a blog an continuously producing quality content to get relevant and good number of traffic. How to get traffic is another science.

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      11 months ago #

      I second Arsalan.

      You want to build your DA:
      1 - Create great content that adds value to your audience
      2 - Distribute that content across social media land.
      So think posting in:

      - Facebook Groups
      - LinkedIn Groups
      - LinkedIn's Pulse (an original article on their platform)
      - Online Forums
      - Reddit Groups
      - Zest or Quuu
      - Getting it featured in Publications
      - And more!

      It's a lot of work.
      But over time - your DA, traffic, and popularity will increase.

  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    about 1 year ago #

    The first thing to have is a blog of your SaaS and then perform following thins to increase its DA

    1. Link Building
    2. Internal Linking
    3. SEO
    4. Publish Post Consistently
    5. Speed Up Your Website
    6. Be Active on Social Media
    7. Delete Bad Links
    8. Make Sure your Site is Mobile Friendly
    9. Patience is Key to Success
    10. Text Links

  • VB

    vyshnavi basuthkar

    2 months ago #

    One of the most important factor to increase DA is Link Building....

  • JC

    Jack Carter

    7 months ago #

    How to get traffic is another science. You can also take help from Social Sharing like:

    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Linkedin
    - Reddit
    - stumble upon

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    over 1 year ago #

    Does DA stand for Domain Authority?

  • YK

    Yigit Kocak

    over 1 year ago #

    Some factors that affect the DA which aren't limited to SaaS nor sorted by its importance are,

    - Domain age
    - Domain history
    - Link quality
    - Link relevancy
    - Link profile
    - Trust score
    - Social score
    - UX

  • DP

    Deepak Pal

    11 months ago #

    Either its a SaaS website or any other kind of website, the basic of domain authority works same. One of the most successful way to increase DA is having an internal blog (Which can easily make it possible to flow link juices to home and other pages of the website) and posting articles on that consistently. Once you start getting traffic and links then DA will automatically increase. But you need a lot of patience in the process. Keep promoting your blog post on Social media and try to bring as much traffic as you can. You need to work on internal linking as well. Internal linking is one of the most important factor but people often forget about it.

  • JN

    Josh Nicholson

    2 months ago #

    There is only 'One' thing that helped us is improving our domain authority, i.e, Content Marketing!!!

  • RJ

    rashika jain

    10 days ago #

    One of the best ways is to build high quality back link for the domain you to increase authority for. I would recommend guest blogging as a sure-shot way to do it.

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