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The company I work for, Invonto, just announced its initial plans for supporting U.S. businesses. I'm curious what other companies are doing to not only prevent the further spread of COVID-19, but also assist businesses and organizations affected by the declining economy.

  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    4 months ago #

    Hello there! As a marketer I'd like to add a few things to the above and answer business owners thinking of halting their marketing efforts and cutting down on marketing budgets due to the pandemic.

    1. Will my competition take more market share if I stop? And, if so, how much is it going to cost me to catch up once I do start up again? Keep in mind that advertising costs may go down due to everything that's happening.

    2. Know your benchmarks and reverse engineer. For example, email works and is still one of the cheapest ways to market business. What is your current open rate? How much traffic do you get? How many leads do you get from email? What if your open rates dwindle due to having to re-warm up your list again after stopping for a couple months? If you know your lead to sale conversion rate & average sale amount, then you can make some potential loss projections due to stopping (same with any of your marketing channels and lead sources)?

    We LOVE working with small businesses because we can relate. And, we love to help owners get more time back and stress less (or maybe just be more present with their family when they're at home 'cause they're not stressin' so much). The point I want to make is that small businesses don't always have the cash flow and I can sympathize and respect that. So...

    Bottom line... if you can't move forward full speed ahead, at least stay in front of people somehow.

    If cash flow is an issue, make sure you are staying in front of people on social, email and producing blog content. Your messaging WILL need to change for the time being. Make sure you are connecting with what people are going through. Uplift people, be humorous, but be there.

    Send at least one email message out a month. Trust me, I've seen the impact of not sending regularly hit businesses hard.

    See the opportunity!

    Again, I am here to help people through this. A lot of business owners are having to take a lot of things in their own hands and I can provide guidance so they are confident knowing their efforts will yield results.

  • PS

    Pooja Seshadri

    3 months ago #

    Hey Brian. Hope you are safe and well.

    During times like this, many businesses are making a strong effort to offer any and all kind of support to their customer/audience base, employees and workers alike and also to the general public.

    As a content marketer, here are a few resources I have come across that have helped and supported me:

    1. https://blog.narrato.io/covid-19-coronavirus-guide-faq-data-helplines-resources-more/

    A general COVID-19 related guide, with relevant, frequently asked questions, data, helpline numbers etc. Given that everyone is now forced to be indoors and therefore in front of their screens a lot more, there will surely be a rise in blog consumption. A smart way that Narrato has offered to be of help to people, putting out useful, resourceful, primitive information in the form of a blog post.

    2. https://www.godotmedia.com/blog/content-marketing-strategy-in-the-time-of-covid-19-coronavirus/

    Another great way of offering help to content marketers this time, as businesses are prone to facing failures, slow business, steep drop in customers and orders - Godot Media has put out a resource that helps content marketers and businesses on how to devise an appropriate, effective yet empathetic content marketing strategy during this time.